Tuesday * March 3rd 2015

Joe: 4.5 months old :)

Just a few pics today of my bundle of joy: baby Joe who’s already 4.5 months old :)





I took these pics with “instagram” … You can find me there here!

And I ‘m also on facebook here ! I would be very happy if you like my page and join me there too! Waiting for youuuuu :)

Have to finish now the edging … A tadaaaa post is coming soon … Stay tuned ;)
And have a beautiful week end!


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34 Responses to “Joe: 4.5 months old :)”

  1. Sandra says:


  2. Ella says:

    Please thank your little Prince Charming on my behalf for the smile he put on my face right now. :-))

  3. maree says:

    The sweet pictures of little Joe made me actually cry. I had to watch a few pictures of my own little guy and just realised that he is nearly 20 months old and going to attend kindergarten very, very soon. Precious baby time flies past so fast…

  4. Becky says:

    That is one cute little boy. Thanks for the pix that made me smile.

  5. Inez says:

    he is so sweet and cute! beautiful eyes!

  6. Jennifer Tuggle says:

    Those eyes! Your precious Joe is just beautiful. I know you and your girls are loving every minute with him!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time now. I found you initially through a crochet link (forget how) and I have made several of your projects which I have enjoyed very much.
    Isn’t it fun how the internet can connect kindred spirits from across the world?! I am in Roswell, GA, suburb of Atlanta.
    Thank you for sharing your crochet expertise AND your sweet family with us!

  7. Ruth says:

    What a cutie! You could just smooch him up.

  8. Annie says:


  9. Janine says:

    Il est adorable!!! J’aime beaucoup sa veste.

  10. Any de Chile says:

    que está lindo….. realmente adorable….

  11. helencrochet1 says:

    A beautiful big eyed boy!

  12. mimi 70 says:

    Adorable ! Beau bébé !
    Mais je suis très contrariée ! j’ai beau m’inscrire et me désinscrire et recommencer, je ne reçois toujours pas les newletters. J’aimerai tellement !



  14. Lita says:

    Adorable baby and I love his great big eyes and lashes!

  15. becky says:

    cutie pie!

  16. Heather says:

    Oh those eyes! Colour of the cardigan is divine! x

  17. Flo H says:

    What a happy ,loving little angel!!!! So Sweet and adorable! Makes us all Smile!! ENJOY his sweet baby years and new things he learns each month and beyond!! Also your sweet lovely girls.
    Hugs, Flo H.

  18. janie says:

    Now THERE is a cute baby!! So many times I see babies and I think, “poor little boy/girl is homely…..bad thought, I know. You have a very cute little sweetie!!

    So the instagram has to work thru facebook in order for you upload to your blog???

  19. Debi says:

    Oh my goodness, I keep thinking he couldn’t possibly get any cuter and yet he does. Pure Preciousness!!!

  20. Eveline says:

    I’m melting away overhere… so super cute! love his funny, open, loving look he is giving us!

  21. Darlene Lehman says:

    What a smiley little sweetheart he is!! Have a nice weekend!

  22. Elisa Salim says:

    He is soooooo cute……..

  23. Angélique says:

    Il est trop choux! Ca me donne envie de faire un petit quatrième LOL bonne journée et bon we.

  24. christine says:

    quel beau bébé adorable

  25. Cassandra says:

    Love, is adorable!!!. Also my child was born in September… be fantastic to listen to their laughters!

    Sandy & Alberto

  26. domi says:

    il est trops beau je craaaaaaaaaaaaaaque lol merci pour ton blog et tes photos qui nous remplissent de bonheur!!! bises à toi et aux tiens!

  27. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    OMG! What a cute baby!!! So sweet…

  28. Karen says:

    He is such a gorgeous boy!! xx

  29. Attila says:

    I don’t “do” babies at all; never have. I don’t find them cute, don’t go “ahhhh!”, don’t have an urge to cover their little faces with kisses. Give me a kitten, any day. BUT….I’ve just had a “aaahhhhh!” moment looking at your little boy. He is so cute I could cover his little face with….you get the idea. Just thought you’d like to know he’s gorgeous enough to get to me and that IS gorgeous!!!!

  30. Tabby P. says:

    What a gorgeous baby! He is very special! They don’t stay small long though, do they? Wish they stayed little a bit longer, it goes by so fast.
    Hugs and love!

  31. Rosa says:

    ¡Es un bebé precioso, qué ojos tan grandes y bonitos tiene!, y su carita tiene una expresión muy simpática.
    ¡Felicidades por tener un hijo tan guapo!

  32. Marie says:

    Qu’il est mignon, ton petit bonhomme !

  33. Sandie Poe says:

    You have the most adorable baby I have seen this week. lol I have to put it that way because I do have a large number of grandkids. He is simple precious. Thanks for sharing his sweet pics.

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