Monday * January 26th 2015



How was your weekend?

Mine was good …at home…


I’ve made some progress with “fall” in love…8 rows already…

I always make a square with each color…without finishing the last joining round…and then I lay them all on the floor to choose the place of each color…


…writing the colors on a piece of paper…(very bad memory :) )


I love how this blanket is turning out…

and while I was in my own paradise…the girls were coloring TOGETHER…yes together … this don’t happen everyday ;) and it always ends with a fight :)


and baby Joe was gently napping …


I’m in love with his shoes :D



Wishing you a happy week full of happy moments!


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21 Responses to “Weekending”

  1. Stocki says:

    I really love this blanket Angie and the joining method too… oooo I must work faster to get more projects in :) What a lovely calm time you all had.. long may it continue :) x

  2. Annie says:

    Oh,quelle merveille ta couverture!!! une explosion de couleurs joyeuses!bravo Sucrette,j’ai hâte de la voir finie!!! et BB Joe toujours aussi adorable!gros bisous

  3. annie35 says:

    Joli travail de couleurs, filles bien sages et BB joe a de belles joues et de belles chaussures !

  4. Carolyn Geoffrey says:

    You are in love with Baby Joe’s shoes…I am in love with Baby Joe!! And your new blanket in progress… They are both sweet as can be :)

    Well done, Angie, with your Fall In Love Blanket.

    Carolyn Geoffrey

  5. Katarina Johansson says:

    What a sweet baby! And what a beautiful blanket! :)

  6. Helen says:

    Joe is growing beautifully. Such chubby cheeks!

    I place my squares in the same way but I take a photo with my mobile phone to help me remember the placing of colours!

    Good idea eh!

    Much happiness to you x

  7. Dorothy says:

    Gorgeous colours in your blanket – it will be another beauty for sure. Gosh your baby has grown … only seems like yesterday he was just a twinkle in your eyes. Have a lovely week. xoxox

  8. Darya says:

    Love your blanket and the joining method seems to be a great idea. I think I might make something like this too using my yarn leftowers, just need to finish the big blanket I’m working on at the moment :)

  9. Any de Chile says:


    Ya llevas muchos ¡¡¡ está quedando muy lindo……..te imagino en una sala, tus niñitas pintando, tu bebé durmiendo y tú tejendo…… una imagen muy adorable, muy cálida….

  10. Heather says:

    Loving the blanket. Beautiful colours – good organisation! Ahhh children playing well together and a sleeping baby – good times!

  11. anny says:

    hermosos colores
    hermosos los niños
    feliz semana

  12. Lucie says:

    Ta couverture “fall in love” est de plus en plus belle ! Continue ! Tes enfants sont trop mignons, aussi bien tes filles que Little Joe ! Bonne semaine à toi aussi.

  13. Angélique says:

    ton plaid va être sublime!
    ton ange est magnifique ;-)
    de gros bisous

  14. Lianne says:

    Beautiful blanket!!

  15. Darlene Lehman says:

    The new blanket looks to be starting out beautifully!! Girls behaving themselves, baby napping, a few quiet moments, Huh? Best to you and the family in the week ahead!!

  16. peg decker says:

    great job…great weekend…the blanket looks lovely…i am almost done with a large granny afgan….soon to start on one of your other projects…also i have done 3 little girl ponchos…try them everyone they are sooo easy….xoxo…peg

  17. kara says:

    Your blanket is coming out beautifully! I love the colors!

  18. Natalie says:

    Your blanket looks already beautifully! I love it (and have to keep the pattern in ind to make one for myself!).
    Baby Joe is super sweet. Do the girls want to take care of him, too?

    xx, Natalie

  19. Maureen says:

    Wow love your blanket and baby Joe is adorable

  20. Scarlet-Sometimes says:

    loving the colours in your blanket, and how scrumptious your little one is :-)

  21. Helena says:

    Moc,moc,moc krásné.

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