Hello! goooooood morning! Bonjouur!

This post today is all about one of my passions : Russian dolls…I’m in love with these wood dolls and I have some I want to show you today with my latest painting :)

Let’s begin with the painting:

This painting was inspired by THIS POST of the wonderful Jacquie :) Jacquie included a Russian Doll to her collage and that’s what gave me this idea to paint Russian dolls and I really really enjoyed it and I even began another one :)

This acrylic on canvas is smaller than the others I’ve made before…Look at it between them 😉

and this is my wood dolls collection…

The bigger one in the middle has 30 small ones inside :) I took it from my parent’s house :) My mother brought it with her from a holiday in St Petersburg when I was a baby …

But my favorite is the one in the next pic…next to the painting…a boy …

I just love his cute little face :)

That’s all my lovelies :) I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Russian dolls :)

Have a wonderful week end,

and see you very soon !