Good sunny morning to you all!

I hope that the sun is shining today in your part of the world :)

Today, a lot to share with you…

Progress on 3 wips and a good news…

Let’s begin with the wips shall we?

A new painting…I’m loving so far…

More slow progress on my Love Birds bed blanket….

Some squares were 100%done, some needs the last blue round and some are still babies…

but I’m happily working on it :)

and more progress on my poncho too : 19 rounds so far 😉

and finally the good news is: Yes, I’m expecting (you already guessed 😀 …but chuuuut I’m still afraid to tell :)

I am now in the last days of my third month but I still have that fear … I think it will never goes away… but my heart sings with joy when I think about the little baby growing inside of me :)

and yes, I’m gonna spoil him (or her) with a lot A LOT of crochet :) For my first two babies (in 2005 and 2007), I did not crochet at the time, so my mother made for them crocheted blankets and I was making cross stitch for their rooms…but now…OH MY…I’m gonna make blankets, hats, socks, amigurumi toys, little sweaters… everything I can make with my hook 😉 I can not wait to STAAAAAAAAAART :) crazy mom!

That’s all my sweet friends ! I am today very happy and calm! I hope you’re feeling the same!

THANK YOU so much as always for your support and your kind comments … I am so lucky to have you all :)

Have a wonderful week!