Hello! Good morning sweeties!

Please meet Miss T. :) She was in a hurry to meet you :) She made you wait too long…and she’s terribly sorry :)

Yes, I was making her feets in my previous post…you could have never guessed eh?  :)

Isn’t she cute?

I love this next dark pic…a lot 😀

I am so happy with my little cutie creation :) When I was crocheting her, I was uncertain about the result…and I was hoping something cute will come out from these little pieces I was making….and sewing together…

but now, I am in love :) and the girls too :)

and very proud to show it to you today :)

I took a million of step by step pics while creating Miss T. … and I’m off now to prepare a pattern :)

Here, it is snowing today, everything is white and the girls are at home (no school) pretty excited :) , so we’re staying indoor in front of the mantel’s fire :) a perfect day !

Hope you’re staying warm too!

Have a marvellous week end!