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Little Christmas socks: the pattern

Hello hello hello!

How are you today?

WWOOOOOOOOW! I am soooo thrilled by all your wonderful comments concerning the little socks:) Thank you so much! I could not make you wait longer so I managed to finish quickly the “how to” so I can share it with you today :)

It is very easy you’ll see but I hope that I’ll find a way to explain it to you by using simple words…

For these I used Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn with a 4.5mm crochet hook…You can crochet with the yarn that you want but careful to pick up the right size crochet hook ;)

The socks are made using a single stitch (apart the beginning chain stitch (maille en l’air in french)) and it is: d.c (U.K terms) or s.c (U.S terms) or maille serree (in French)!

I’m gonna make with you step by step this one:

Here is a graphic pic to show you from where to begin and where to end with colorful parts:

I’m gonna explain it to you with pics :) Don’t worry it is very easy :)

So? Are you ready? Did you prepare some yarn and a crochet hook? Let’s maaaaaake it ! yahooooooooo! :D

I suggest that you make a sock with a single color to try out the pattern first and then you can make your own multi colorful one :)

For this one I used 6 different colors as show in the graphic above…


Let’s begin with Part1 in the graphic pic (purple and yellow)

First (with the purple color) you begin with a circle of 4ch chain (4 mailles en l’air pour commencer)

R1: 10 dc (or sc) in the circle (10 mailles serrees dans le cercle)

R2: You crochet 2 dc in every dc of the previous round that make a total of 20 dc ( crocheter 2 m.s dans chaque maille du tour precedent ca fait: 20 m.s au total)

R3 to R11: 20 dc (20 mailles serrees) (R1 to R6: in purple R7 to R11: in yellow)

That make a total of 10 rounds of 20 dc. (purple and yellow colors part)


So? Is that ok for you so far? You just did the Part 1 :) bravo!

Let’s continue… shall we?


R12: 10 dc (10 m.s) (With the dark blue color you crochet on half of the stitches of R11, that makes a total of 10 dc)

and you continue making rows of 10 dc until R17…

(avec la couleur bleu nuit crocheter sur seulement 10 m.s du tour precedent ca fait un total de 10 m.s)

You have now something like these pics above and down…

So R12 to R17: 10 dc (10m.s)

You just did PART2!

You have now something similar to the pic above.

After crocheting R17 you have to close and sew the right part of your sock (see the graphic pic at the beginning of this post : sew here after crocheting part2)

Apres avoir crochete PART2 fermer le cote droit de la chaussette par quelques points de suture (regarder le graphique du debut de ce post pour savoir ou)



With the turquoise color: R18: 22 d.c (22m.s) 

For R18 you have to join together the dark blue part and the yellow part with a round of 22 dc (22m.s) as shown on this picture: (6 dc on the dark blue part + 10 dc on the yellow part + 6 dc on the dark blue part = 22 d.c )

R18: (6 m.s sur la partie bleu nuit + 10 m.s sur la partie jaune + 6 m.s sur la partie bleu nuit = 22 m.s au total )

and you continue from R18 to R 33: 22 d.c ( De R18 a R33: 22 m.s)

R18 to R22: 22 dc with the turquoise color (22 m.s)

R23 to R27: 22 d.c with the red color

and finally R28 to R33: 22 d.c with the pink color

You close your little sock by making a chain of 17 ch so you can hang it :) (fermer avec une chainette de 17 mailles en l’air pour accrocher la chaussette)

You did it ! Your little sock is ready :)

You can embellish it by adding some buttons, ribbons or beads…

Ufff! It is done :) I don’t know if I was clear enough for you to understand…do excuse me if no (this is the first time I make this kind of step by step pattern)

If you have any question, do not hesitate… I’ll be more than happy to help :)

Do not forget to tell me if you ever crochet these little Christmas socks I would really really love to see your own version…

Kisses to all!

and Happy crocheting :)


P.S: A small note for my french friends :)

J’ai essaye d’expliquer un peu en francais ce tuto pour les “french” ladies … Ma langue maternelle est le francais et j’ai beaucoup plus de mal a m’exprimer en anglais qu’en francais etant a moitie libanaise a moitie francaise donc n’hesitez pas a m’ecrire en francais ca me fait beaucoup plaisir :) gros bisous!








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  1. Sara says:

    Great! Will try one of these this evening. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • bronwyn says:

      Angie or anyone
      thanks for pattern, one question though. When working in the rounds, part 1, do you do the slip stitch into the first sc at the beginning of each round, or just keep crocheting round. My part 1 looks different, not even like yours. thanks

  2. disou says:

    Ohe merci Sucrette pour ce tuto super sympa! Elles sont trop mignonnes tes petites chaussettes! Je vais en faire plein avec toutes les fins de pelotes. On joint l’utile a l’agreable: Faire des petits objets magnifiques en vidant les tiroirs! Le top!
    MERCI A TOI! Bonne journee!

  3. lavande says:

    Merci beaucoup beaucoup Sucrette, pour ce super tuto.
    Cet après-midi, je vais commencer à les faire ces petites chaussettes.
    Mon crochet va ” chauffer”.
    Bonne journée et encore merci.
    Bisous D’Auvergne.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful patterns. These little socks are just too cute!

  5. Barbina says:

    Thank you so much! Tomorrow, I will make one for me. Have great day! Barbina

  6. Monique says:

    Thank you so much. You explain it very well and it’s an very easy pattern. I am definitely going to try it soon.

    Groetjes, Monique

  7. Anne says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I can’t wait to get started!

  8. Спасибо огромное:)))) Они такие милые и радостные, что сразу хочется улыбаться:))) Ваши работы замечательны! Браво!! И отдельное спасибо за мастер класс:) Обязательно попробую такие сделать:)))

  9. Lina says:

    Oh! Thanks for the pattern, I´ll try next weekend to make my own sock.

  10. cool, merci angie pour ce tuto, puisque tu le demandes aujourd’hui je t’écris en french ( ma langue maternelle) pour l’anglais pas de souci je maitrise aussi, je suis ravie de ce tuto et ne vais pas tarder à essayer car pas difficile finallement
    merci de partager ton talent avec nous

    bisous de toulouse

  11. Saritha says:

    These are so cute Angie!!And you made it look so simple. Why did I not see this before attempting my sock ornaments. I took sooooo much time to figure out how to do it. Thanks for this!!!

  12. Merci beaucoup Angie par le tuto. Tu es une femme très gentille. Toujors prêt à partager ceux que tu connais. Merci, merci. Je t’embrasse.

  13. Claudia says:

    I´m totally in LOVE with your little socks! They´re gorgeous!! I´ll definetely do them! Your tutorial is just perfect!
    Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  14. Stocki says:

    Brilliant! Thanks you, thank you et merci… :)x

  15. Susana says:

    Hola Angie. Los calcetines son preciosos, gracias por el tutorial.
    Un saludo.

  16. Karla Carolo says:

    I just love your tutorial. Very very clear. I’ll try it.
    Beijos e obrigada!

  17. Jacquie says:

    Yay, can’t wait to try these :0) THANK YOU so much Angie.
    Jacquie x

  18. Betty Guyomarch says:

    et bien, je ne serai ni la première ni la dernière à te remercier pour ces explications si claires et en plus bilingues !!
    Bravo et merci encore Angie

  19. Joyce says:

    Thank you! Just started working on some Christmas things last night. Will try this today :)

  20. Marieta says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you¡¡¡
    are so cute


  21. Siobhan says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! It is extremely clear and you must have worked very hard. It’s amazing that you have given the instructions in UK and American terms plus in French too. Not forgetting the brilliant diagram. It is so helpful to see how they were put together. I have to find some nice colourful yarn to make these beauties with now. Many thanks.

  22. Meya says:

    Roooh, c’est beau ! Merci encore pour ce tuto qui me servira bien pour user toutes mes fins de pelotes ! :-D En plus, ça devrait faire de l’effet sur les paquets cadeaux! (heureusement que je n’en ai pas beaucoup à faire… pour le moment!)

    Ah, et j’en profite également pour te dire merci pour le tuto du Mosaic Cushion : je viens d’en terminer un et il est sur mon blog par là :

    (et c’est drôle, je me posais la question de si tu étais francophone ou pas à chaque fois que je venais sur ton blog, à cause de son titre… Ben voilà, j’ai ma réponse maintenant ^^)

  23. Teresa says:

    Thank you. I think I can do it. Your directions make it seem so easy.


  24. Libby says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU. I L<3ve these so much. I want to start them right now! I'm having to retrain my though as I have many wips and items on the to do list! ah hang it. I'm going to have a play this afternoon even though I should be working on the chores!!! Libby x

  25. These are lovely, thank you for sharing your pattern.

  26. Noe says:

    Muchas gracias por este patron.
    Me encanta todo lo que tejes y
    los colores que usas.
    Un abrazo.

  27. COCO says:

    I have been trying to learn how to make house slippers for family and friends . I am a very newbie to crochet. Do you think I can use this as a guide? I love your blog and all your inspiring projects.Merci beaucoup.

  28. Libby says:

    I’ve made my first 1. In less than an hour! Perfection. Thank you AGAIN! x

  29. Laura says:

    Thank you very much Sucrette, Grazie mille!!!:))

  30. Monica says:

    That pattern is beautiful and easy! I’ll try it, thank you for share it. You are so sweet Angie!

  31. Colette. says:

    Waouh !! Merci Angie, tu es trop top, comme tout ce que tu fais !!
    Chouette, chouette, merci beaucoup ! ;-)

  32. TracyMarie says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little stockings – THANK YOU so much for taking the time to share the pattern with all of us – you are AMAZING! :D

  33. Hazel says:

    That is a fantastic little pattern and I think it looks very clear to me. I will definitely be giving it a go. Thank you. x

  34. Maryfairy says:

    Angie, What a clever girl you are. These are so sweet. I must make some right away.
    Thank you for all your hard work making the tutorial. It is very clear and is much appreciated.
    Best wishes.

  35. Grace Ann says:

    Wondeful job! It was not confusing at all! I can’t wait to whip one up!

  36. trish says:

    Thank you for posting this! i can’t wait to make!

    Trish @ Tales from … 

  37. teresita says:


    those little booties are so pretty, i made for mi children while there were babies, y never touhgt to do for my christmas ornaments.
    Tank you for sharing


  38. Cyn;-) says:

    Great tute – you write very clearly and easy to understand. Can’t wait to give these a try. I need to shop for some Sport or DK yarn first. My yarn is either too big [worsted weight] or too small [fingering]. Maybe i could try using some of my fingering yarn and make teeny tiny socks?! If i do, I will blog about it and post a pic.
    Thank you again for a wonderful little pattern.
    Cyn; -)

  39. Cally says:

    Voilà une bonne nouvelle… je peux laisser des commentaires… en français !!! Car avec mes notions d’anglais très basiques et très lointaines je n’avais pas osé ! Bravo pour toutes tes jolies créations et merci pour les tutos !

  40. Niamh says:

    Brilliant, thank you so much for the pattern. Can’t wait to get started :)

  41. TracyMB says:

    These are perfectly scrumptious!! Thank you so much! :D

  42. majupodi says:

    j’adore, j’adore, j’adore. grâce à toi j’ai trouvé dans quoi mettre les étrennes de mes neveux/niéces à Noël
    merci beaucoup et en français en plus!!!!

  43. Eléonora says:

    Chère Sucrette,
    I love love your blog, your world !!! Tout est beau, coloré et généreux !! Thanks for sharing with us so many gorgeous creations !

  44. Lizard says:

    So cute!!! Can’t wait to try the patter out! Thank you.

  45. Amy says:

    These are such sweet little socks! I can’t wait to try and make one! Thank you for sharing…and I’ll let you know how it turns out! :)

  46. Mo says:

    Thank you, thank you, merci beaucoup <3 :0))

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  48. Kerry says:

    Oh! These stockings are SO cute!! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern, it’s very kind and generous of you, and it looks very clear to understand.

    I can’t wait to give them a go!

    Thanks again :)

  49. Jess says:

    Thank you!! They look so pretty! I’m gonna make a whole bunch!.
    Would I be able to make these bigger by adding increases to the beginning? I want to make big stockings to hang on walls so people can put little nick-nacks in them and your pattern makes crochting stockings look easy! Thank you again they are beautiful!

  50. Wow that was fast! Happy to have the pattern, I just sent my brother your link so we can both make them! Looks very clear in your instructions, I can’t wait to make some! Thank you!

  51. karen says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just finished my first one and I love it!
    You are the best!

  52. Kadie says:

    Thank you so very much for this pattern!! I just finished my first little stocking. Your pattern was great I had no problem following it. My little stocking turned out so cute! I will be sends some friends over to use your pattern. Thank you again.

  53. Elena says:

    Thank you! They are adorable. Will definitely try to make them.

  54. Heather says:

    Wow, I haven’t crocheted in years and I found this on pinterest and decided to give it a try. One question I have is… at the end of every row, are you supposed to do anything before starting the next row, or do you just keep going around and around?? Just curious. Love this pattern. So cute!

  55. Letty says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, can’t wait to start making one!

  56. sue says:

    hi angie, thanks for your tutorial. I think these are so cute i am going to make one for my 2 nephews. thanks a gain sue~nz

  57. Estaminette says:

    je viens de découvrir votre blog et j’ai été séduite par ces petites chaussettes qui sont trop mignonnes. Merci beaucoup pour le tuto.

  58. EllyD says:

    Thank you so much for this pattern Angie :) They are so adorable! I have started one just like your sample one (to keep me straight) I will let you know when I’m finished.
    I too have the same question as Heather though… I’ve been winging it so far but it would be good to know for sure ;) Merci beaucoup. Ellyx

  59. Patricia says:

    Son hermosos esos calcetines…voy a intentar hacerlos pues con tus explicaciones de seguro me van a quedar geniales.gracias por compartirlas.

  60. maravilloso blog!
    from Chile

  61. maravilloso blog!
    from Chile
    ° ✿ °

  62. Joanne says:

    I love those socks, they are gorgeous. I just want to make some and string them across the fireplace. So Christmassy.
    Thanks for the tutorial, can’t wait to start them.

  63. One-oh-four says:

    These are beautiful – I plan to make lots of these!

  64. K Low says:

    What a beautiful blog you have! I love your fun, bright colors and the excellent tutorials. Thank you for sharing these cute socks. Look forward to making some!

  65. EllyD says:

    Thank you for you reply to my question Angie :) and lovely comments on my cushion. I finally got one finished so will post a picture hopefully sometime this weekend ;)) Ellyx

  66. Jeanne says:

    Adorei o teu blog. Trabalhos fantásticos que ensinas muito bem. Parabéns! Bjs.

  67. cholote says:

    bien jolies chaussettes et un grand merci pour la traduction en français et les photos d’avancement du travail car mon anglais scolaire est bien loin et il m’est difficile de tout comprendre. bonne journée.

  68. Catherine says:

    Merci pour ce tuto, c’est vraiment très gai, j’espère trouver le temps de faire ces jolies chaussettes ! ton blog est très agréable, c’est un vrai plaisir pour les yeux. Bonne journée.

  69. sylvie says:

    Merci beaucoup pour le tuto elles sont très jolies tes cho 7 et merci aussi pour la traduction en français.

  70. Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto de belles chaussettes, j’ai découvert grâce à Disou!
    Bisous ;)

  71. severine84 says:

    Merci Sucrette pour ce tuto !!!!!
    Je découvre à ton blog grâce à Disou et j’adore.
    J’ai déjà fait chauffer mon crochet pour réaliser une première chaussette en suivant ton tuto, super clair, bien expliqué, bien présenté, donc aucune difficulté.
    Il ne reste plus qu’à s’éclater en mariant les couleurs, finitions, motifs …
    Merci !!!! :-D

  72. Jen Hoover says:

    I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon your site and thank you for sharing this pattern! :) merci ;)

  73. laurencedu13 says:

    Milles mercis pour ce tuto pour les petites chaussettes !!!!
    Je vais m’y mettre moi aussi, tes petites chaussettes vont faire fureur !!!!!!!!
    A bientot !

  74. mamita says:

    je découvre avec délices ce matin ton blog magnifique et tous ces tutos plus clairs les uns que les autres !
    Je vais me laisser tentée par ces petites chaussettes que je trouve vraiment adorables et pleines de gaieté !
    merci, je m’inscris à la news pour rester en contact !

  75. JA - MOTYLEK says:

    Hi Sucrette! Your blog is very beautiful. I’ve got an award for you! :)
    Have a nice day!

  76. sue says:

    Hi Angie, just a question…when you join in a new colour at the beginning of a round do you need to do 2chain to count as first stitch or do you just keep going around ? I tried one and went a bit wonky(too many stitches) I will try again . They are so cute. thanks sue~nz

  77. Sandra says:

    Merci pour ce tuto ! Je vais pourvoir décorer ma table de fête. Ton blog est très joli, coloré !

  78. Cécileb says:

    Merci pour ce tuto très pédagogique et en plus il fait réviser l’anglais, le bonheur. Très bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à toi et tes proches.

  79. Sharon says:

    Thank you, these are wonderful!

  80. josephine says:

    Ces petites chaussettes sont trop jolies ! J’aime beaucoup. Merci beaucoup pour le partage et la traduction en français. C’est parfait.
    Belle journée.

  81. Earendil says:

    thanks a lot for that tutorial, i’ll definitely make some of these soon! and i was actually thinking that i could try some real socks with your tutorial, they’re so cute!
    thanks again :)

  82. Joke says:

    Thank you so much for the pattern of the wonderful little christmas socks. I love them all! The first one i just made! The explaining was very clearly with the photograph’s! Do you mind if i translate your pattern in Dutch for the Dutch people who follow my blog???
    Please answer me what you think about it? I shall always link the pattern to your blog ofcourse! Love from Holland! Thanks a lot! Joke

  83. Joke says:

    Yes! Today I translate your pattern in Dutch! and put it on my blog
    I’m very happy to have it! Thank you so much! Love Joke

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    This is so pretty. Thank you.

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    Gracias?= Thanks.

  90. Olá!
    Amei essas botinhas. Obrigada pelo tutorial!

  91. SandyCroche says:

    merci beaucoup pour ce partage
    ton blog est super
    à bientôt
    ps j’ai mis ton lien via mon blog


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    Ils sont mignons comme tout.
    Votre blog est super et très colorés.

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    Me parecen una monada, son preciosos, y muy faciles de hacer, GRACIAS POR EL TUTORIAL

  96. Lee Ann says:

    Great Christmas Sock pattern! Thank you! :) :)

    Lee Ann

    My new blog:

    My website: Crochet…Gotta Love It!

  97. Soleil says:

    Hi Angie! I just finished my first sock! It’s gorgeous! Thank you for a description! It was fully clear for me!
    Olga ☼

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  99. nice!!
    I can do it!
    from Chile

  100. OMG! Such a beauty, soooo easy! Thanks sooo much, you are soooo kind!
    Muchas gracias!

    Carolina, Hola! Vamos a intentarlo juntas!

  101. Lea says:

    Thank you so much ! They are adorable!

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    Kindly, Lorriane

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    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am already on my second little sock and they are so cute! I plan on making some for gifts for co-workers this year. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  105. Ipie says:

    Thanks from the Netherlands!

  106. Debra says:

    These are so cute and festive! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

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    Thank you again for the pattern! And if you wish you can look on my socks made by your pattern here:
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    Olga ☼

  110. Mei says:

    Sat down and followed your tutorial this morning and found it amazingly easy! Thank you so much again for posting! I’m going to spend the rest of the evening making little Christmas stockings to hang. Thanks again x

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    Thank you so much, they are adorable!

  112. Opal says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. This week, I just got back into crocheting (many thanks to a lovely lady from my quilting group for assisting me with that.)

    I’ll definitely be trying to make these soon. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

  113. BalCat says:

    J’adore votre blog et son univers coloré et gai.
    Merci pour ces adorables chaussettes de Noël.
    Je vais m’y mettre tout de suite, avec toutes les couleurs de l’arc en ciel, pour décorer mon sapin.
    Je vais voir également si, par hasard, leur taille ne conviendrait pas à mes poupées en chiffon.
    Biz CAT =^..^=

  114. cindy says:

    just found your blog, which i love!!! these little christmas socks are a absolutely adorable and i’m so excited to try them. i do have a question or two for you if you don’t mind. I was trying to find the yarn that you use, but have not had much luck so far. I’m in Texas, is there a yarn comparable to that one I can use? I’ve tried it with some worsted weight I have, but they seem to turn out a little big. Thanks for your help and your blog is beautiful and inspirational! :)

  115. Blossom says:

    I think you did a wonderful job on writing this pattern out. I love how you did picture’s. I can understand this with NO problem at all. Thanks so much for sharing and your time doing this pattern.

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    Me encantó!!!!!! Quedan tan lindas y es tan facil!!!!!
    Eres muy inteligente!!!!!!! Te felicito!!!!!!! Gracias por compartir.
    Ya voy a ponerme a tejer.

  118. Maggie Hassett says:

    Hi Angie! Thank you so very, very much for sharing your lovely crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns with everyone! They are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to try them! I am more of a knitter but I am going to try crochet for a change of heart and knowledge! The instructions are very well detailed with photos, etc…and they look easy to follow, so thank you again for making them so clear for us to make! You are most kind to share them for free and your talent is surely a gift from above! Happy Holidays to you Angie! :-)

  119. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much for these adorable little socks – I am setting aside my WIP’s to make one right now!!
    You did a fantastic job with your pictures and explanation!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  120. Merci beaucoup Sucrette pour ces charmantes chaussettes,bonne journée !!!!!!!!

  121. GaelleB says:

    Super ces petites chaussettes, les couleurs sont trop trop belles …Je suis déçue d’avoir a attendre jusque l’année prochaine pour en faire une joli calendrier de l’avent pour mes filles…. Mais comme j’ai le temps je pense en faire un pour toute le famille!!!!
    Merci sucrette, je te pique le tuto!et je file voir si je peux m’inscrire à ta newsletter…..

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  125. GreenFuzzer says:

    Every week I get together with my mom, aunts and sister to do crafts. This week 4 of us made these cute little stockings. They were a great success. At every color change we passed our ball of yarn to the right for the next person to use. It is cute how they all go together but are different from each other. I have a picture to show you but don’t know where to email it.

  126. Melanie says:

    GREAT post, perfect pattern. It worked up so quickly and I plan on making MANY more!



  127. terlicoton says:

    Je découvre ton site grâce à mamita
    Tu nous fas des merveilles avec ton crochet
    Bravo Sucrette
    Et mrci pour c bea

  128. terlicoton says:

    Je découvre ton site grâce à mamita
    Tu nous fais des merveilles avec ton crochet
    Bravo Sucrette
    Et merci pour ce
    Gros bisous

  129. Claudia says:

    I´ve done two of this little beauties for my sister´s new home! They´re lovely and your tutorial is just great! I´ve posted a link to it on my blog:

    Thanks for sharing so many beautiful ideas during the whole year and providing such inspiration!
    Happy Holidays from Brazil!

  130. Eileen says:

    Thank you Angie! I LOVE this pattern and made my first one last night. I haven’t decorated it yet but wanted to post it right away. I linked to your pattern at my blog. Your tutorial was so good I didn’t have any problem making it. Keep up the good work!

  131. Katell says:

    Très jolies ces chaussettes, cela fait des décorations très originales
    Merci beaucoup pour ces explications
    bonne soirée, bises

  132. Annette says:

    Thanks so much for this! I had some beautiful chunky yarn, and to my amazement the finished sock is big enough for my toddler to wear! I am going to make a pair for him!

  133. michelle mamie42 says:

    j’aime beaucoup vos petits chaussons de Noël, aussi je vais prendre l’idée pour l’atelier tricot du centre social de mon quartier. un grand merci pour les explications .

  134. Snowcatcher says:

    Your commenters more than tell the story. This is one cute little pattern! You have a lovely blog.

  135. Claire says:

    These are great! I’m making once each for my children’s teachers to put a gift in for them. The photo’s are great as I’m just learning to crochet, but it’s really easy. Thank you!

    Do you sell a licence to make them to sell? I’ll have to look into it for next year.

  136. Chloe says:

    Merci pour ce tuto, cela semble vachement moins compliqué tout d’un coup

  137. Jennifer says:

    I came over from Pinterest. I have fallen in love with your site! These stocking are adorable and I love the colors you use for your projects.

  138. Tsitsa says:

    Merci pour ces explications. Ce chausson est vraiment très mignon ; je crois que je vais me laisser tenter ^^
    Et bravo pour ton blog haut en couleurs et beaux ouvrages.

  139. Mo says:

    A question if I may – What size are these please? The first one I made, using 5.5 hook and dk yarn is about 10ins in length. Yours seem much smaller? Or is it just my perspective.
    Thank you.
    Btw I have said I love them before now haven’t I? I’m sure I did :-/ If not -I LOVE them!!! :D:D

  140. Siobhan says:

    Just wanted to tell you that I’ve started making these. They look lovely in all the different colours and the pattern was easy to follow. I’ve made three so far but I want to make a garland of them so more to do yet. Thank you!!

  141. Kristen says:

    Bonjour! Thank you for your pattern, & step-by-step instructions! This is a wonderful project, & leaves so much to the imagination (colors, stripes, blocks of color, embellishments, etc.) I am working on my first one as I type this. I can’t wait until it’s finished! Thanks again!! :)

  142. Malle says:

    Thank you for the pattern! My socks are here:
    My blog is in Estonian! :)

  143. Lacey says:

    just made one, and you made things so easy and clear! Thank you!!!

  144. Je découvre ton blog et j’adore !! Je pense que je vais piocher beaucoup d’idées chez toi. A commencer par tes petites chaussettes qui sont vraiment adorables ! Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto ! Joyeux Noël !

  145. recycleCindy says:

    Love the pattern and I just printed it all out. I have the same question several others had about the joining of the first rounds. Do you join or just work in the round without joining? I looked and did not see a reply to the question in the comments. Could you please reply and/or email me the answer. I started the beginning ring and am not sure about the 2nd row. Thanks in advance for this help.

  146. estannbellos los hare me encantaron gracias por compartir besos

  147. LYNE says:

    SUPERBE ces petites chaussettes !!!
    J’adore, et ton tuto est très bien fait.
    Félicitations je viens de découvrir ton blog plein de couleur et de vie.
    Il ne ressemble pas aux autres vraiment unique et chaleureux..
    Merci pour tout ce bonheur !!!
    Joyeux Noël à toi et à toute ta famille!!!!

  148. Paula B says:

    These are so addictive. I’ve made several in the past week. I posted a picture on my blog, with your link (I hope that is okay). Wonderful tutorial. thanks so much!!

  149. [...] still making little Christmas stockings from whatever yarn I have around me, using the pattern posted by Angie at Le monde de Sucrette And [...]

  150. Danielle says:

    I love these little socks. I have blogged my attempt at that them and linked to your post. Thank you for the tutorial! Danielle

  151. [...] Christmas stockings, like Le Monde de Sucrette’s crocheted stocking and Little Cotton Rabbits’ knit version, are another great use for scrap yarn.  These can be [...]

  152. [...] For these I used Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn with a 4.5mm crochet hook…You can crochet with the yarn that you want but careful to pick up the right size crochet hook The socks are made using a single stitch (apart the beginning chain stitch ( maille en l’air in french )) and it is: d.c (U.K terms) or s.c (U.S terms) or maille serree (in French) ! It is very easy you’ll see but I hope that I’ll find a way to explain it to you by using simple words… Little Christmas socks: the pattern [...]

  153. Susan Ernst says:

    Can’t stop looking at your stuff…. everything is coool as heck.

  154. mamie vero says:

    Bonjour – merci beaucoup pour ce tuto – je pense pouvoir le réussir malgré ma non connaissance de votre langue – passez de très bonne fêtes de Noël et de fin d’année – amicalement – mamie vero -

  155. joelle says:


    merci pour ce tuto, je viens de confectionner une petite botte rouge et blanche. Dès que je peux, je la mets en ligne sur mon blog avec le lien vers le tien. bisou

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  159. lucia says:

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    Bonne et heureuse année 2012!

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    I never comment on anything, but these are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I hope I get a chance to make some. Thanks for sharing :)

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    Hi, I really like your blog because you are a true artist and I have become one of your followers.
    Thanks for the tutorial…..I’ll try.
    Greetings from Rome

  164. Laura says:

    going to make a shoe box full of these for next christmas and attach them to presents with a candy cane in them and give some to the hospic near me.

  165. viana says:

    thanks for sharing!! how cute!!

  166. Kathy says:

    SO CUTE!!!! I am going to make some for the crochet group I belong to. We make items for babies in NICU and these would be cute.

  167. chantal says:

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    ces chaussettes sont geniales
    et le fait de mettre les doubles explications anglais et francais c’est vraiment sympa!!!
    bonne continuation et encore merci pour vos beaux modeles

  170. Bernadette says:

    Many thanks for this pattern. I’m going to try to make some for my dolls. If you want me to translate this pattern in flemisch don’t hesitate, as I’me a Netherlands speaking lady I can translate your patterns in Netherlands. Yust let me know.

  171. Delecia says:

    Thank you sooooo much for the excellent tutorial. You made it look so easy I’m going to try one now. I would like to make 60 of them before Christmas for the children at church. Thanks again!

  172. Susan says:

    Thanks for this darling pattern! I’ve found some varigated (sp) sock yarn in Easter/spring colors and I’m using this pattern to make tiny “Easter stockings” with little chicks and bunnies sticking out of them!

  173. Rachel says:

    Very sweet!
    I made a big Christmas sock and really enjoyed it. I like yours very much and think they could be for anytime, to hold little surprises for friends and family.
    Here it is:

    TY for sharing this pattern.

  174. vanessa says:

    kikou une petite française qui te remercie beaucoup pour l’ effort que tu as a fait ton tutoriel est super et ton ambiance poppy est a croquer j’ai l’impression d’êrte dans une confisserie et il y a tellement de bonbons quoi choisir sinon tout bonne continuation ….

  175. Shelly says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto! It is very easy to understand and I can’t wait to make some!

  176. Bérangère says:

    Bonjour Sucrette
    c’est une bien belle balade que je viens de faire sur votre site .Merci pour avoir mis les explications de cette petite chaussette en français (^-^)
    Bonne continuation

  177. ponponrose says:

    merci beaucoup pour toutes ces jolies choses.

  178. Kathryn says:

    Thank-you for sharing these cute little stockings and the pattern. I’m not an experienced crocheter, so when I was successful in making one of these this morning I was absolutely thrilled. I think you provided the spark to grow my interest and skill in this craft. You have a new follower. Thanks again!

  179. Donna says:

    These little stockings are absolutely adorable!!!!! I’m definitely going to give these a try,,I will let you know how I make out!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  180. ilse says:

    oh my, these are cute!!! thank you! (yeah, I know, not very original: but it’s the truth!!)

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  183. Jenny Sheehy says:

    Just love these little socks, have made many pairs, they are just the best

  184. hg says:

    i assume theres a chain 3 so do 9dc’s in row 1.

  185. haley says:

    I’m trying to learn french. tres bien!

  186. Ann jens says:

    I’ve done the first part (yellow and purple) and when looking at the photo they don’t look like double crochets. Does the photo show single crochets?
    Ann J.

  187. Yvonne D. says:

    Thankyou so much for the patterns! I do know how to crochet, but always like looking at pictures! They are so cute!!!

  188. You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most people will consent with your site.

  189. Lani B says:

    Hi I love these little socks! I just learned how to make a circle….. Is there a way to make them large like for my daughters Christmas stocking? I would like to be able to fit a DVD in it? How would I go about that?

  190. suchi says:

    Such a wonderful blog full of wonderful crochet.Thank you so much for graciously sharing the patterns.I just made the christmas stocking in thread..super cute.
    Greetings from India


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  192. Nessa says:

    Oh WOW! You made this look super easy. I was a little intimidated at the thought of making stockings for my kids this year, but now I’m not near as afraid as I was before reading this. Thank you!

  193. Sonia says:

    Veri nice Worl i would love them too, i love crochet, i commend them for their Worl

  194. sarah says:

    thanks for your subj and the photos I emrissed that so mutch

  195. kay mcgill says:

    Thanks so much these are fun and really cute and you are so thoughtful with the way you presented this pattern. Bless you

  196. corentine says:

    coucou, je découvre ton blog grâce à Careli – ces chaussettes sont superbes, je fais en faire pour les poupées – je reviendrais plus longuement visiter ton blog – biz et kenavo (en breton “kenavo” veut dire au plaisir de te revoir)

  197. sylvie2841 says:

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    amicalement sylvie

  198. Georgette says:

    merci pour ce superbe tuto! je cherche depuis des jours un modèle de chaussons crochetés qui pourraient aller a mon fils de six ans et finalement en ajoutant une semelle de cuir et en adaptant un mieux le nombres de rangs et de mailles c’est PARFAIT!

    a savoir pour une paire de chaussons en 30 je tourne jusqu’à 24ms au début puis je fais dix rangs de 24ms, 5 rangs de dix brides pour le talons puis je remonte a la cheville :)
    je partagerais ton tuto sur mon blog des que j’ai fini le deuxième :)

  199. kathy will says:

    I LOVE THESE!!. I have been looking for a pattern for these forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a beautifully explained tutorial with pictures. I cannot wait to make some for my grandkids. They are spectacular! Thanks again.


  200. Monica says:

    We just found out we’re going to be grandparents so I guess you know what I’ll be making!!!!! Love them…so adorable…thank you for the detailed tutorial!

  201. Annie says:

    Merci pour ce tuto
    Merci de pouvoir communiquer avec vous en français
    Je vais essayer vos chaussettes
    Annie de Belgique

  202. Caroline says:

    Hello from Dublin Ireland! thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial, I am new to your blog and love everything on it!

  203. Thsnk you so very much for sharing your patterns. All of your work is gorgeous. sandra lookingbill

  204. Andrea says:

    OMG, you must be so excited. Your pattern was featured in ‘Hooked on crochet’. So cool to get credit for your great work like that. : )

  205. Diane says:

    Hello! Thank you for these adorable little socks – and for your lovely, gentle instructions. I’m an experienced crocheter but have only recently gotten back to it – I am going to LOVE trying these and using them for small gift holders for my sisters (earrings, etc).

    Thank you again!

  206. Jo says:

    Why does the picture show SINGLE crochet and your directions say d.c.?

  207. minh says:

    Cam on ! Cam on !
    These are sooooo cute !

  208. Kat says:

    I love the way you have written this pattern, so clear and so cheery! You have a great style.
    C’est magnifique!
    Katrina (UK)

  209. Slydora says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ces explications!! J’adore <3

  210. Natascha says:

    Hello from Germany, just love these little socks. I am just about to leave for a 4 hour train ride, just the perfect work for that. Wonder how many I can finish on that ride. Great, easy to follow pattern, even beginners can do it.

  211. Babsee says:

    Hi..thank you so much for this..I have bought a book on how to make socks and search the web and still could not figure it out then this morning I got a link to this page and now I am well pleased cos you have explained it with pictures..simple as that ..Thank you so much..Now I can go ahead and make some now after months of trying lol :)

  212. Helen S says:

    Thank you for this pattern, especially the pictures. You make it look so easy. Will try this soon. Our church is having a fete very soon, these would be good to put on the craft stall.

  213. Line says:

    Merci pour ces explications. Même si je suis la nième à le dire.
    J’avoue ne pas savoir faire les chaussettes et j’espère réussir ma première paire!

  214. Dolly says:

    Wonderfully presented, and this is your first time for step by step! Great pattern. Easy to follow. I just love what you are doing, keep up the great work.

  215. Dolly says:

    I am very thankful for your use of French, I use to speak it in high school sooooo many years ago. Now I will relearn it here. It will also help me with the French patterns I have to translate so I can do them, Merci beaucoup!!!

  216. Kristina says:

    At the end of each round / row, do I join with (slip stitch, ch1), or do I continue in rounds, marking the first sc of each round with a contrasting color yarn?

    I LOVE this pattern and am going to see if I can adapt it to a baby bootie pattern for charity. I’m also going to make one for the residents of our community nursing home. I think they will look GREAT hanging from the windows in their rooms.

  217. Vicki Brenner says:

    These little stockings are great. I use them each year for the ones I give money to. Besides getting money they also get a new stocking for their tree. Love your tutorial.

  218. sheila ostiana says:

    i really like them,they are very beautifull job well done, keeping on doing the good work.

  219. Kath says:

    thanks for explaining them so easily! they are cute as!

  220. This is the absolute best and easiest way I have ever seen this pattern explained. Thank you so much for sharing. I plan too make some soon :)

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  222. Kaz says:

    Just seen these. i am off work currently undergoing chemotherapy and needed a beautiful project that was not to large undertaking. Perfect. thank you, just made my first one and will be making at least 5 more so all the grandchildren can have one.

  223. CJ says:

    Hello. Love the mini Christmas stockings! Can you please tell me the measurements of one of the stockings you have completed. Thank you!

  224. faten says:

    thanks you are very intristting by teaching

  225. [...] These crocheted Miniature Christmas Stockings (2¾ in from the heel to the top of the stocking) are made from Angie’s ‘Little Christmas Socks’ pattern. The original pattern will yield a slightly bigger stocking but I worked with a smaller hook and a thinner yarn than recommended. The pattern can be found here. [...]

  226. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely pattern. I’ve made a few stockings (miniature versions) using your pattern and they will go up on the tree this Christmas. I’ve posted an image on my blog with a link back to your blog. Thanks again :)

  227. Amy says:

    Just made one of your little sockings. I did an all red one and used white for the last 3 rows with a double loop stitch. It turned out great and will fit a gift card in it, which is what I plan on making lots of these for. I might also make them for my son’s preschool classmates and fill them with goodies. Very cute thank you.


    Thanks for sharing your pattern!!
    Do you have a spanish ancestor as well? that way you could translate the meaning of the stiches for me. I live in Argentina!!

  229. Ultragold says:

    Je cherchais un “gligli-qui-pendouille” pour accrocher à un anneau pour des clés, pour le swap de dimanche (1er anniversaire de notre tricothé en Suisse Romande) et je suis tombée sur ce modèle de chaussettes, génial ! Je posterai une photo de ma chaussette sur ravelry (même pseudo) après le swap.

  230. Elly says:

    Dank je wel, het was makkelijk te volgen en snel klaar.
    Ga er nog meer maken voor de kerst

  231. maria alice says:


    I’m from Brasil. I loved the litlle sockes. I got to do it, the oattern is so clear. Thanks.

  232. Barb Espinoza says:

    I feel in love with these and made some in camo yarn I have made about 18 of them now and just waiting for xmas to hang them on our tree..Thank you for sharing this pattern

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  234. Melanie says:

    Made these today, but I can’t upload a picture.

  235. Lucie says:

    thank you for your pattern. I love it. I just did my first sock. :) I am going to make more for xmass

  236. kelly says:

    Oh so perfect, I can’t stop making them! They will make a great advent calendar. Thank you!!!

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  238. Jacqueline says:

    Bedankt voor het delen! Ik heb een link geplaatst op

  239. lenetour says:

    merci beaucoup pour ce tuto, première fois que je faisais des chaussettes (je fais pourtant du crochet depuis plus de trente ans!!) adaptées sans problème pour ma petite fille et maintenant je recommence en plus grand et au couleurs de de Noël, doré rouge et vert pour mettre les couverts à l’intérieur dans les assiettes ainsi chaque invité pourra repartir avec sa chaussette !!! merci encore votre blog est très agréable coloré et gai Nicole

  240. Marie Claire says:

    merci de partager toutes ces merveilles, bonne continuation et je me remets au travail!!
    Gros bisous

  241. Sue Coletta says:

    WOW! Great patterm and beautiful stockings! Not only will I be making some to be used as ornaments I also want to attempt to adapt your pattern to fit my feet!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for sharing.

  242. Terri Jouty says:

    Oh I love these…they do look easy. I want to try some in red/white…thanks so much for sharing this pattern.

  243. Janice says:

    oh my.. thank you for the chance to make these little bitty socks. I cant not stop making them. lol Such a easy pattern to fallow and I just cant say enough TY

  244. Jeri says:

    are these being made in SC or DC? Instructions say DC, but looks like SC

  245. Terri Jouty says:

    Hello…I wasn’t too sure which size hook to use..pattern calls for a 4.5 and I had a 4.25 (G) or a 5.00 (H) so I used the H….my stocking came out to be about 6-1/2 inches from top of cuff to heel with toe extending down longer than that. Mine definitely looks bigger than yours. I would love to take a picture but I’m not technically savvy about getting pics on the computer. I do think my “stocking” came out pretty darn cute though….I did in two colors with the heel and cuff being in the same color. I plan to make more of these. May not be perfect but I think it is cute. And I did it in a short time this evening. Wish I had seen this years ago – it would have made some cute teacher gifts, etc. Thank you so much!!!

  246. Choco says:

    Bonjour, merci beaucoup pour ce tuto! les chaussettes sont adorables et j’ai même réussi à en faire une hier soir (je suis débutante au crochet)
    votre blog est génial, merci aussi pour votre grande générosité :)

  247. Heidi says:

    Terri, mine too are way huge! I went down to an F hook but they are still very large. Even with very thin year they are very tall. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

  248. Nancy Francisco says:

    Thanks for sharing …very pretty and looks easy…will have to give it a try…Merci… :)

  249. Crystal says:

    Hello everyone in this pattern the D.C (dc) stands for single crochet in U.K terms and so if you are in the US then you will need to do a single crochet (sc) stitch for every stitch that says (dc). I hope this helps and good luck :)

  250. Liz says:

    These are so cute. Thank you for sharing. Please come on over and see the ones I made from your pattern.

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  252. tinou says:

    Mille merci pour ce joli tuto, j’ai hâte d’essayer

  253. Patti Cobbin says:

    Thank you so much for posting the pattern to this stocking. I did the closing of the heel a tiny bit different (I hate sewing)…I sc the first 5 stitches and then the last 5 were stitched THROUGH the corresponding stitch of the first 5. I’m thinking next year I will decorate the tree in nothing but lights and a bunch of these stockings made in odds and ends of yarn not big enough for any other project!

    Thanks Again!

  254. Robin says:

    Merci! I love your blog — the colors alone are so cheerful! Also love, love, love that I can read the french, which warms my heart and reminds me of when I lived in Quebec, outside of Three Rivers for a few years, right out of college. The kindest people on earth! Also, little Joe is just an angel. Thank you, again, and the happiest of holidays!

  255. Robin says:

    Oh, nearly forgot — I’m making these Christmas socks for my step daughter’s kitties for Christmas. :)

  256. Manisha says:


  257. [...] You can find the pattern on Le monde de Sucrette’s blog. [...]

  258. Veronica says:

    Thank you for your very beautiful picture and socks :). i am new in crocheting but your instructions look so eas. I might try my hand on this, and maybe prepare for next year’s Christmas and use these socks as decors. Thank you for sharing.

  259. Pam G says:

    Just wanted to let you know I linked my blog post for Amigurumi Penguin Christmas Stocking to this post because I used it to help me come up with a larger stocking pattern.

  260. fanfan-8308 says:

    bonjour Sucrette,
    merci pour ce joli tuto (d’ailleurs tout est joli sur ton site !!)
    c’est sympa de lire un blog en français avec des réalisations d’inspiration plus “anglosaxones” !
    joyeuses fêtes de Noël

  261. Ingrid-Marie Schwan says:

    Hi, I´m totally excited about your cute little christmas-socks and the way you explained how to crochet them. Think I´ll be able, to make them:))
    Have a merry blessed Christmas, thank you for sharing!
    Ingrid-Marie from Hamburg (Germany)

  262. Susanne from Canada says:

    Hello from Canada, windy and cold here today, I am looking over some of the older posts, and came across this one, OMG!! oh, my goodness!! how cute, do you actually think these little socks would fit a baby, does anyone know? we are expecting twin grandsons soon and I am just learning to knit (very slowly) so perhaps I could crochette a pair of these? but could they be worn perhaps if made with finer baby yarn?

  263. [...] Little Christmas Stocking Free Crochet Pattern and Blog – click on the link or image for free crochet pattern… [...]

  264. Trilli says:

    Hi Angie, I’ve done my little sock according to your pattern! Thanks a lot for sharing it; I like it very much. If you want, come to my blog to see it. See you soon.

  265. Ann says:

    Merci beaucoup! I made a solid red one 7 inches on the diagonal; larger than I thought it would be; but it turned out just fine with your pattern directions.

  266. Dame tortue says:

    Bonjour sucrette,
    Grâce au blog de “Pas de temps pour soi ?”, je découvre votre joli blog.
    Alors voilà mon problème: Je me débrouille un peu au crochet, mais pas du tout en anglais. Vous serait-il possible de me faire un petit tuto chaussette s’il vous plaît.
    Merci beacoup.

  267. Marilyn says:

    Hi from Austraslia…The Barossa Valley home of great red wine. Winter is on the way and I was looking for some projects to do. Not sure why I looked under “Christmas” but glad “I did. Your instructions were great and well done. I will pop a little bear in this stocking for my craft stall and build up a supply for Christmas. Cheers

  268. hrxre says:

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  271. [...]  Little Christmas Socks by Le Monde De Sucrette.  I love these little stockings.  Would look great on a Christmas tree or at your [...]

  272. Val Barnes says:

    Just found your sock pattern it looks wonderful will try it this week-end – hoping to make some for Christmas to sell on behalf of our local Cancer unit at local hospital, and will now start following your Blog. Thanks so much

  273. victoria webster says:

    If I want to print this pattern, the printer says 76 pages. Isn’t there a way to make a printer friendly pattern/

  274. Hi there, I want to subscribe for this webpage to
    take most recent updates, so where can i do it please assist.

  275. claire says:

    Pourriez vous me dire le nombre de mailles pour une géante car je dois pas commencer par 4 seulement et 10 mc arfffff merci d’avance

  276. Heather says:

    these are so ADORABLE!!! They will be my next project. Thanks!

  277. Pat says:

    Soooooooooooo Cute, Blow christmas socks going to make these for my granddaughter to wear.

  278. judy bee says:

    These are so cute, and thanks for sharing, can’t wait to grab my bag of scraps to start one. Joyous Noel.

  279. Katka says:

    Thank you very much for your patern.

  280. this is really a useful pattern thanks for this pictorial pattern

  281. senobar says:

    thanks a lotttttttt………….

  282. Kimberly Quinn says:

    Do you have a printable version without the pictures? Your explanation is great but I don’t crochet while sitting at my computer and I’m not lucky enough to have a tablet or smart phone.

  283. Monica Liliana PANTEON says:


  284. Teresa says:

    Hi The teaching was very helpful. Thanks

  285. Deniece says:

    Think I will try to make these for each lady and gent at our Bible Study Class on Tuesdays. Will send pics if I can. Thanks for the wonderful descriptive lesson on how to.
    Love your blog, it always makes me smile with the bright colors everywhere.CrochetDee

  286. Malilène says:

    merci beaucoup pour ce tuto très bien fait. Je cherchais des idées de petites déco à offrir à ma fille pour son petit studio d’étudiante. ces petites chaussettes vont faire partie du paquet c’est sûr!
    je vais continuer à parcourir ton blog, je me régale tout en travaillant mon anglais très scolaire……..est très ancien!!!!!
    bonne soirée.

  287. Copete says:

    Merci beaucoup sont adorables ces petites chaussettes

  288. Isadora says:

    Thanks for sharing! You can see my little socks here in my blog:


  289. somecookie says:

    So far I’ve made 2 and plan to make more for a garland for the fireplace. They are so cute and easy to make. Easy pattern and great tutorial!

  290. […] Strumpf ist nach dieser engl. Anleitung entstanden… ^^ Er kann natürlich in jeder Größe angefertigt werden […]

  291. Virginie says:

    coucou, oh merci beaucoup, je m’y mets dès cet après-midi! ce tuto est superbe! merci!

  292. Jana Hunter says:

    Thank you! If these are big enough, I may make one for each of my students and put a little candy kiss and candy cane in each one! Since I would have to make 19 of them, I think I will keep each one at one or two colors! Perhaps the body one color and the heel another? Can’t wait to try these! Your pattern, pictures, and instructions are wonderful!

  293. Virginie says:

    coucou, ma version est sur mon blog tout neuf, si tu veux la voir ^^ encore un gros merci pour ce tuto vraiment parfait! merci! Je me régale!!!^^

  294. […] Spero che la nostra piccola rassegna di Foto-Tutorial sulle decorazioni natalizie vi sia piaciuta! Ciao e alla prossima e ora…Correte da Desi, mi raccomando! […]

  295. Lory says:

    Waht a nice Tutorial! Fun and clear! I cited it in my Italian Blog:

    Hope hear from you soon!

    Best Regards,

  296. Thank u so so much for this free pattern, m learning to crochet n this seem so right for me, just d one i have been looking for, simple n easy.

  297. mamalouga says:

    MERCI :))))))

  298. Natassia says:

    I am making these now…they are fabulous and so quick to make…I am going to hang them on my Christmas Tree with numbers 1 to 24 on them, and they will become a kind of advent calendar…thank you!

  299. […] AQUI está, o site é em inglês, mas possui imagens explicativas […]

  300. Christy says:

    I was wondering the same thing about the slip stitch into the first SC? Also do I need to chain 1 after the slip stitch before beginning my round of SCs? Or do you just SC all the way around non-stop?

    I think that might be my problem, I am having trouble seeing where one round ends! Anyways I will keep working with it – I absolutely love the pattern and the size. This is first pattern I have found that actually looks like a little stocking and will fit on xmas packages and trees.

  301. marie3346 says:

    quand j’ai vu tes petites chaussettes de Noël, je me suis dis “oh que c’est mignon” mais quand j’ai lu rapidement les explications en anglais, je me suis écriée “oh non, pitié pas encore de l’anglais” et puis finalement, j’ai fais un grand “oufffffffff” en voyant ta traduction en français. Alors oui, un grand Merci pour ce joli partage, je vais les faire pour ce Noël ainsi, j’aurai une petite pensée pour toi le jour J.

    Très bonne journée à toi et encore merci ! Je reviendrai sur ton blog. Marie3346

  302. Caidy says:

    Do you turn or chain or slip stitch at the end of each round? I’m ending up with just a big spiral

  303. Thank you for sharing pattern. It’s adorable.

  304. jane says:

    the best xmas socks there is;

  305. Sonja says:

    MERCI pour cet adorable tuto!!!! Je m’en vais chercher des pelotes colorées et des boutons pour essayer :)
    Et si je les publie sur mon blog, je ferais bien évidemment un lien vers ton post!

  306. Vicki says:

    These stockings are absolutely adorable. Love them! Thanks so much for sharing.

  307. Libby says:

    Perfect doll size. Thank you very much! I sl st after each round (I’m so used to doing it) and it turned out fine.

  308. Claire says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ce joli tuto de petite chaussette ! :o)

  309. […] diesem LINK und schon landet ihr bei einer hübschen und gut verständlichen und bebilderten englischen […]

  310. Fatemeh :) says:

    Thank you soooooo much for this awesome pattern!!!!!! I just finished making one!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!! My very first crocheted stocking ever is hanging by the fireplace now :) I’m very happy I found your website today!!! Thank you very much for sharing your great pattern and for your super clear explanations!

    Now that I’m done with the last-minute stocking I wanted to make, I’m going to browse through your amazing website!

    Happy holidays!! :))))

  311. Bidule says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ce superbe tuto. Je vais me lancer dans cette réalisation dès ce soir.

  312. antonella says:

    Thank you very much for your tutorial :-) you are very kind.
    I sent one of these to Scotland to one of my friend I knowed on october .


    Your house and your family is very beautiful! COMPLIMENTS :-)

    CIAO from FLorence ITALY

  313. Angela says:

    This is such a lovely little sock! Thank you for sharing it. I hope to make several for the Christmas tree this year. <3

  314. Christabel says:

    How much yarn did you use, please?

  315. Dawn says:

    Love these socks, will be making them. you made very easy to follow. thank you

  316. Cousin says:

    super travail et merci pour vos explications Cela va me permettre d’essayer de fabriquer les chaussette de mon petit garçon

  317. […] mainly use this little Christmas stocking pattern to crochet the socks with just a few changes. I crochet the stockings to 6 inches so I decrease the […]

  318. […] found a cute, little, crochet pattern for Christmas Socks and couldn’t wait to get started making […]

  319. […] Stella stellina la notte s’avvicina…come creare una stella partendo da un pezzo di cartone e un po’ di filato avanzato! Grazie a Live Laugh Rowe  per il tutorial Calzettine mini della befana… lo schema ce lo regala Le monde de Sucrette […]

  320. Jenny says:

    How can I convert your little Christmas sock pattern to fit a toddler and child

  321. Dee says:

    Love this pattern and so easy. You gave the instructions perfectly. Bravo!!! Can’t wait to make them for Christmas. Make great tree ornaments and gift deco as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  322. rita says:

    great socks i made it it looks very nice

  323. shari says:

    Hello. I love this pattern. I’m just a little confused about what part 3 says m.s, what is that?

  324. Natalie Archer says:

    I am so glad that I stumbled on your site. I love it. I am new to crocheting and you have given me so much to want to do. Your instructions are really great. Thanks so much. I cant wait to try out these little socks. With Christmas coming I am really eager. Thanks so much again. xxx

  325. […] These adorable Crochet  Socks are great for Christmas gift. There are some buttons, flowers for decorating,  and they’re an easy FREE Pattern that I can’t wait to start making them. (image credit: Lemondedesucrette) […]

  326. Anna says:

    Wow! It´s so sweet and very simple!
    I like it!

  327. Paula says:

    How do I print the directions for little Christmas sock? I need to follow written instructions. It’s to hard to do it from small tablet.

  328. BUEN DIA ..!!! DIOS LA BENDIGA Y LA GUARDE..!! Me gustaria aprender hacer esos calcetines,, pero no entiendo nada , xq no se ingles.. Como puede ayudarme.. Gracias x su atencion prestada.. EXITOS….!!!!

  329. Ash says:

    Hey! I LOVE this pattern but what size is it for? I have a 12 month foot size I need it for? Maybe I missed that part of the pattern?! Thanks for sharing it was wonderful!!

  330. […] socks were crocheted using Sucrette’s mini sock pattern. I only crocheted the pattern to 6 inches long so I adjusted the original pattern just a bit to […]

  331. Dawn says:

    FINALLY!! a stocking pattern that doesn’t need an engineering degree! The pattern was easy to follow but the pictures were helpful. You have just made my gift-making this year! Thank you very very much! =)

  332. Nik says:

    Je découvre votre blog et je me mets au travail pour réaliser une petite botte :)
    Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto

  333. Kristine says:

    Love your pattern. Tried it, but in a smaller version. Translated your pattern and wrote it on my blogg. Hope that’s ok. I linked it to you, not to take any credit for it. Check it out at

  334. Victoria says:

    Hi! I LOVE these, and am working on my first one. I have finished part one and two, but twhen I crochet around for the first part, I cannot figure out how to only have 22 sc around. Do you do some decreases? Thank you! I will send you pics when I am done!

  335. doudoune says:

    je suis en train de faire vos petites chaussettes que j adore merci pour le partage

  336. Judy says:

    Love this beautiful little stockings! In order to keep track of which round I was on, I used a safety pin as a marker on the first st & just kept moving it up as I progressed my rounds. Worked great for me.

    I also found your pattern easy to follow but had to turn my sock around to match the direction of your diagram. You see, I am left handed but once I matched the diagram, it was very easy.

  337. Nicks says:

    I made these last year to put peoples cutlery in on the christmas table.
    Just uploaded my picture to pinterest but have credited the pattern to you. If you are unhappy about me doing thatt please let me know and i will delete it x
    if you want to take a look search Nicky Nobbs on Pinterest x

  338. […] stocking is based on Little Christmas Socks from Le Monde de Sucrette, though I looked at the photo and made this one based on it, rather than […]

  339. Judy says:

    I just finished two socks for a gentleman who lives in the same assisted living/retirement home I live in. He’s going to put Hot Wheels in them for his grandsons for Christmas.

    I’m making 3 for friends & putting a coffee gift card in each one for them.

  340. Pamela says:

    I am confused about the part of the heel where you are saying to “sew” it. I did the 7 rows of 10sc and have the flap. What do I do after this?

  341. […] later on. No, this one will have to be his permanent stocking. I found an adorable pattern at lemondedesucrette. I followed the basic pattern, but enlarged it considerably. As long as no more grandchildren […]

  342. I LOVE these! I think I’m going to make a bunch to use for packaging my jewelry sales next Christmas!! Thanks!

  343. […] as Christmas stocking to decorate your room. Keep reading the step by step free crochet pattern at Le Monde De Sucrette here. Have fun […]

  344. Amanda says:

    Great pattern I made them into bunting they looked gorgeous, admired by all. :)

  345. manya says:

    you don’t say if these would fit a baby and if so, at what age? They are sooooo cute that I’d like to make them for our little ones, the triplets who will be, Please G-d, 5 months old tomorrow. Will they fit?

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