It is finally done :) hourrayy! I’m really proud to show it to you :) Wanna see? wanna have some stripy color therapy :) ?

ok then…


Stripes of Love:

-Crocheted with love for the love of my life: my hubby :)

-Yarn: Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn

-Hook: 4.5mm

-Size: 130x190cm (I did not count how many stitches I started my chain with :( )

-Pattern: 3 rows of treble in color – 1 row of dc in white – 3 rows of treble in color etc

-Edging: You can find it here! I just love this edging and I already used it twice for this blanket and for this one :)


Thank you so much for being here! Your sweet words are the sunshine of my mornings :)