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3D stuffed heart: the pattern

This post is for a very sweet lady named José who asked for the pattern of the stuffed heart.

Dear José, I’ll try here to explain as much as I can how I finally did this little heart after many and many trials… So, excuse my poor English and try to crochet along with me while following these instructions…

Begin making the first hump of the heart : the bump A:

1st round: 12 treble crochet

round 2: 24 tb

round 3: 24tb

round 4: 24tb

like this:

now you’ve already done the first bump which we are going to call bumpA

You have now to do another same bump (exactly the same as A) made with 4 rounds that we are going to call bump B.

round 5: You have to join together A and B with 3 dc and continue making the round with 42 tc like here: (follow the 5 arrows while crocheting the 42 tc)

Now you have A and B joined together with the 5th round …

continue your heart like this:

round 6: 42tc

round 7: 28 tc (1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1 tc, 2-st tr decrease…etc to have a total of 28tc)

round 8: 20 tc (1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1 tc, 2-st tr decrease…etc to have a total of 20tc)

round9: 14tc (1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1 tc, 2-st tr decrease…etc to have a total of 14tc)

round 10: 9tc (1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1tc, 2-st tr decrease, 1 tc, 2-st tr decrease…etc to have a total of 9tc)

and finally round 11: 4dc

Don’t forget to stuff your heart after the round 8!

That is all I can really do to explain…I hope that my instructions were easy to follow… waiting to see your stuffed heart too ;)

Don’t hesitate to ask any question, I’ll do my best to have clear answers…

For the symbol’s meaning click here.

Enjoy your week end!


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12 Responses to “3D stuffed heart: the pattern”

  1. Emma Angel says:

    Hello, Thank you for the lovely comment. You have such a wonderful blog, I’m off for an explore.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Cláudia Mansur says:

    Dear Sucrette,
    Thanks again for your lovely pattern.
    But, the name José is a male name. It could be a female name, if you add Maria before.
    I think is a guy (and i think that is what wonderful thing), because had just sign José.
    Maybe, portuguese, spanish, or latin.
    What great thing for you and your beautiful blog!!!


  3. Annette says:

    these are lovely Sucrette – beautiful colours :0)

  4. Francien says:

    Thank you Sucrette for this lovely pattern…go to try it out and yours are lovely….beautiful colors!!
    Greetings Francien

  5. Annemarie says:

    Oh that’s sooo cute! Thanks for posting it on my link party.


  6. Dorien says:

    These little hearts are so cute, I’m definitely going to try and make one (or two, or ….)

  7. Endrina says:

    Oh, these are so cute! Thanks for sharing your pattern. I’ll have to give these a try.
    I just found your blog, and I really like it:)

  8. LAVANDE says:

    Bonjour je viens de découvrir votre blog.
    Que de jolies choses, j’ai bien envie de faire vos petits coeurs rembourrés.
    Continuez comme cela, vous êtes formidable.
    Bonne journée à vous.

  9. José says:

    Thank you very much! I’m going to try it immediately. I will post it on my blog if I succeed :-)

    @Cláudia Mansur: I’m actually a lady :-). In the Netherlands it’s possible to go by the name José as a lady.
    You’re welcome to visit my blog at and see for yourself

  10. José says:

    Yep, I did it! Thank you Angelique. I will make some more and try different yarns then post it on my blog..

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  12. Fenny says:

    Thank you very much for this lovely paterrn!
    I like your blog!

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