10 08, 2016

A granny squares love story ❤

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I am a granny squares lover. They are my favorite to crochet. I can’t resist them 😊

While cleaning my craft room on Sunday I found 23 squares crocheted long time ago with dk yarn. Oh joy! It was the perfect timing for such a discovery 😊

21 small and 2 big squares joined with light cream ❤ I couldn’t wish better…

So I decided to make the smaller ones as big as the biggest while waiting for my yarn delivery to finish my harlequin blanket (see previous post) and finish one or two squares per day…

I am crocheting with Stylecraft special dk, Stylecraft life dk and the new Stylecraft Batik. I love mixing these yarn together and the effect of the plain colors next to the batik ones is just beautiful ❤

Right now I am planning to make the 23 squares big and continue on crocheting 10 rounds squares because the effect is soooo soothing and calming on these summer evenings…

And who knows…maybe… I will be able to make a winter bedspread out of these big squares.. it will be fantastic and I am already imagining it on my bed…mmmmmh ❤

Wishing you a beautiful day my friends,


6 08, 2016

The harlequin blanket 🔶💖🔶💖

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I’ve been working lately on something new… a harlequin blanket (or diamonds blanket) but I must warn you it is totally addictive…

This blanket is for my cousin’s baby girl due in December 💖 I hope she will like it!

You can find how to crochet the losanges and join them HERE.

I am crocheting it with a 3.5mm hook and Stylecraft life dk and Stylecraft special dk yarn 😊

The blanket is not done yet… I am waiting for a yarn delivery cause I run out of some of the main colors… my fingers are itching to finish it… so I can start another one 😊

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday



5 08, 2016

The stained glass baby blanket 💙

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I enjoyed very much posting yesterday from my phone that I decided to do it frequently 😊 I will try to update you with my latest makes as much as I can.

Today I will show you a blanket I’ve made recently for my cousin’s baby boy due in November 🎈

I really really love granny squares. It is always a pleasure for me to crochet them and I am never afraid of the result. They are always beautiful. They have a vintage feel I adore. So many childhood memories…

This one is crocheted with Stylecraft special dk and Stylecraft life dk with a 3.5mm hook. I love its fresh colors and its stained glass look ❤

It measures approximately 75 x 90 cm

It is flying from Lebanon straight to the US where I am sure it will be cherished by both the baby and his mum 😊

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,



4 08, 2016

The summer bedspread ❤

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I’ve been away too long from this blog and I am sorry… Life is sometimes busy and Facebook and Instagram easier and faster than making a proper post here 😄

Anyway here I am again… trying to write to you from my phone… and crossing my fingers that it will work 😊

I’ve began in April a summer bedspread for our bed and did not post here any pic of the making process… Today I will show it to you…done 😊

Are you ready???

This bedspread is crocheted with a 3.5mm hook using two kind of yarn. The king cole cotton soft and the scheepjes merino soft. The cream is Ecru from king cole cotton soft.

Hope you liked it 😊

I am in love and very proud and happy of my big project ❤ 

I’ll see you soon to show you a baby blanket I’ve also done lately and another wip 😉

Take care my friends


17 04, 2016

Bedspreads love ❤️

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Hello sweet friends,

I finally finished crocheting my girls bedspreads. I am very happy with how they turned out ❤️ and I hope that they will be cherished for many years to come and associated with many happy childhood memories ❤️

The girls love them. And I am very proud of myself because I accomplished such a big double project 😊

The square is a classic one. You can find its pattern here in this blog in the header with the free patterns.

I joined the squares together as I go with a last round of 1sc 3ch 1sc all around the square and in the 4 corners.

For the edging I chose to do a simple one. I will maybe add some rounds to that edging in the future. But right now I love its simplicity ❤️

Yarn: Stylecraft special dk and Stylecraft life dk.

Hook: 3.5mm

That’s all for today my lovelies. I hope that you liked the bedspreads as much as I love them ❤️

Have a lovely evening!