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Snapshots of love

Today is my birthday and I’m turning 36… I feel weird… I feel old… I feel happy I feel so full of life and projects… * The more I grow old the more I feel that I love my home more than any other place in the world… * The more I grow old the […]

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Snapshots of love

Hello there! You will see in this post pics I’ve already posted on instagram or facebook.  So if you follow me there you’ve already seen all these pics… I was thinking this morning about the influence of the social media on our lives and my life in particular… I’ve been neglecting my blog because of […]

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Snapshots of love

*It is the season…the tree is up… and the house is looking very cosy… * Yesterday, I enjoyed coffee with hubby while the children were watching T.V…I love lazy sunday afternoons… * The girls, on a sunshiny sunday morning * This little boy of mine is playing alone with his toys and that do not […]

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One year old already :)

On his first day… On his first week: On his first month: And today: My sweet little man is turning one tomorrow… He is a joy to the whole family… He smiles a lot and my heart every time melts with love… He has two teeth now …he crawls and stands up alone… It is […]

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Snapshots of love

Hello there! I’ve been so busy these days that I barely had time to hold my hook… and barely had time for internet too there is sometimes days like that… Here are some snapshots I took from home today… Right now: A beautiful sunset from my window… and earlier: some pics of my love, my […]

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