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The graphic chart of my crochet mood blanket square

Hello! Many of you dear friends asked about how I am crocheting the squares of my crochet mood blanket… So, I’ve made a small graphic chart of the square and the joining round ! Hope that will help Happy crocheting! Sucrette

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I heart you :)

Hello! Thank you so much for your great response about the new shawl I’m crocheting at the moment! It is a pure pleasure to make and I feel like it’s gonna be gorgeous! This is as promised its diagram… Sorry if I’m posting just a diagram for this as I don’t know how to explain patterns with words […]

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The table runner :)

Oh hello lovelies! It is such a beautiful day today and I’m in love… deeply madly crazy in love with my latest finished project… Are you ready to fall too? I’m sure you are Let’s have some close up pics … I love love love this simple graphic square…I think it is simple but beautiful… […]

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South bay shawlette…finally!!!

Yes, it is FINALLY done I’m very pleased with the result but I must confess I did not enjoyed the whole making process because it was my first one-color-project I am not used to work with just one color …I get bored easily The pattern is lovely…It is a free Lion brand’s one and you […]

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“Fall” in love: the graphic chart

Good morning! How are you today? This is, as promised, the graphic chart of the square of my actual wip blanket: “fall” in love. As you can see, the square is very simple and easy to make…You add on every round: 2dc,1ch,2dc in each corner…And with the last round (round4) you join the squares together […]

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