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6 11, 2015

The simple knitted beanie ♥

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Good morning my lovely friends!

I learned to knit many years ago. I was around 11 years old. We were stuck in shelters during the civil war and my mother to distract us taught us how to crochet and to knit. I did not really liked it then. I prefered to play outside. But after many long years I felt in love with crochet again and now, three months ago with knitting ♥ It is my new addiction and I love to mix between crochet and knitting.


I learned lately with some youtube videos about simple knitting projects and tried out the simple beanie one and you can guess by seeing all these pics that I loved it. It is a french video and I can’t seem to remember the source :( I am very sorry. But I will try in this post to explain it to you a little bit. So simple you will be amazed by the result once done.


It is really easy to do. No increases and decreases :) And after many trials I came out with the perfect number of stitches to begin with for every age of my children 😉


You have to knit a simple rectangle with straight sides. You can begin with a few rows of k2 p2 rib like I just did and continue with one knit row one purl row until you reach the high you want.

Once the high you desire is reached. You stop. Leave a tail of about 40cm long and cut your yarn. Then you put a needle to your remaining yarn tail and pass the needle and yarn through every stitch of your last row. And pull. Pull very tight. And sew your knitted piece with the remaining yarn and your needle. And tadaaaa your beanie is done ♥


I knitted these beanies you see in the above pics with an aran yarn (Debbie bliss cashmerino aran) and 5mm needles.

For my oldest daughter (10years old) I began with 76 stitches

For my 8 years old daughter : 72 stitches

And for my boy (3 years old): 64 stitches

And yesterday I tried to knit with a very chunky yarn and 10 mm needles and I loved it ♥


I started with 44 stitches and it was perfect for my 10 years daughter.


I love how fast I finished it (2 hours) and the result. So cosy and cute.


I am planning now to make some beanies with chunky yarn. Soooo easy and fast and I looooove the result ♥


That is all till now about my knitted beanie’s journey ♥

I hope that this post will give you the “push” you need to start knitting or come back to knitting or even knit more :)

 It is very easy. Very soothing. Very relaxing. You will enjoy it for sure and enjoy the results too!

Happy day to all!


15 01, 2015

V stitch stripes (Version2)

By |January 15th, 2015|another V stitch version, Crocheted blankets, for babies, free patterns, Stripes, wips|54 Comments

Good morning sweet people

I missed you and I missed this little blog of mine. Today I want to share with you the chart of the baby blanket I am actually crocheting. I shared the chart on Instagram and Facebook and totally forgot to post it here :) So sorry my faithful blog followers …


This baby blanket is for a little princess due in April… so I choose happy girly colors and a new version of the so-popular V stitch in stripes. Happy stripes… Soothing and calming stripes…


The pattern is very easy… based on DC TOG mainly… It grows very fast and it is wonderful and easy to crochet it while doing something else like watching TV or singing with your children …


I am really enjoying it specially on the evenings…

You have to try it… you’ll be hooked 😉


Wishing you a calm and happy end of week

and hope to be back to you very soon



1 07, 2014

V stitch stripes

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Hello lovelies,

How are you? Woooow we are July1 already…time flies… 2014 is half gone and I am half done with my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014.


Here it is from January1 (up-left light purple) till June30 (down-right blue turquoise) 😀 Wooow! I am really happy to be up to date with it :) It makes me proud, happy and makes my heart sing with joy.


See? Not so many dark and grey days! Hope that the second half will be as happy as this first :)


I am pleased with it even though it will be BIG very BIG . The first half is 120 x 145 cm. So the final blanket will be 145 x 240 cm 😀

And I started also something new…


 Well, I am unravelling an wip and crocheting a new one… Remember my Vintage Stripy Blanket? Well, I decided to unravel it because I was not pleased with its sides …they were not straight and it was bothering me … A LOT… So, I decided to unravel it and with every row unravelled crochet a row in a new Vintage-V-blanket :)


I love the colors. That’s why I am keeping them as they are…unravelling from here…crocheting there :)


And I am falling madly deeply in love with this V-stitch blanket :) It is addictive…and once you start you can not leave your hook anymore 😉


I drew a small chart to show you how I am working on it. You can find online if you google: Crochet V stitch many patterns, charts and videos too…but here is my own “version” with less “holes” :) and I am really pleased with it.


I am working this blanket with a 4.5mm hook and a yarn similar to the Stylecraft special DK but a little thicker. It is called Nako Vizon. A 100% acrylic yarn :)

If you have time and are wondering what to crochet, I really advise you to try the V-stitch. It is totally addictive easy and fast to crochet :) You’ll be totally hooked :)

Have a super day!


27 01, 2014

Mood blanket square

By |January 27th, 2014|Crochet mood blanket 2014, free patterns|10 Comments


Many of you dear friends asked about how I am crocheting the squares of my crochet mood blanket…
So, I’ve made a small graphic chart of the square and the joining round ! Hope that will help 😉
Happy crocheting!



4 10, 2013

I heart you :)

By |October 4th, 2013|free patterns, shawl, wips|26 Comments


Thank you so much for your great response about the new shawl I’m crocheting at the moment!

It is a pure pleasure to make and I feel like it’s gonna be gorgeous!I-heart-you

This is as promised its diagram…

Sorry if I’m posting just a diagram for this as I don’t know how to explain patterns with words and I know that many of you keep asking me about written patterns…I really should learn how to do this stuff 😉 One day…


The diagram is made of

– double tr (U.K terms) or tr (U.S terms) ou double brides (French terms)

– dc (U.K) or sc (U.S) ou maille serrees (French)

– chain stitch ou maille en l’air (French)

and you begin it from the bottom of the shawl.

I hope that the diagram is clear for you my friend…

For this shawl, I’m using a super soft yarn called Nako baby. It is a 50%acrylic 50%polyamid yarn and I’m crocheting it with a 3.75mm crochet hook.


Have to go now…

If you’ll be making this beautiful shawl, please do tell me cause it makes me very very happy to know that you are crocheting along with me :)

Kisses from the bottom of my heart!


P.S: I have some sort of spammy stuff on the blog with links everywhere and open windows that leeds you to nowhere…when this happens please try to click on the “to back” button so you can view the post. I’m trying to fix all these problems with hubby asap and asking for your patience… so sorry about that!