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Last week…

I feel like I’m neglecting a little bit this blog of mine and I apologize for that…. I feel like I’m running out of time and with the children at home for their summer holidays it is quite impossible to concentrate on something for more than 5 minutes I think you understand what I’m talking about […]

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Snapshots of love

Today is my birthday and I’m turning 36… I feel weird… I feel old… I feel happy I feel so full of life and projects… * The more I grow old the more I feel that I love my home more than any other place in the world… * The more I grow old the […]

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The days are passing by so quickly… The children are growing so fast…I still remember when they were newborns and it feels like yesterday… I feel a little nostalgic today… Crocheting makes me think about my life in general and I am thankful for my little family… While I crochet I always have thoughts…sometimes it […]

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Little things…

Little things make me happy and make my heart sings with joy * Watching my children play… * Baking… * Drinking coffee … * Crocheting… * Watching my current wip slowly growing… * Looking at my basket full of my favorite colors… * Chocolate (did you ever tasted these? mmmmmmmh pure happiness :D) * My home… * […]

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yaaaayyy for ponchos :)))

Today is a double tadaaa post dedicated for ponchos The girls ponchos are done and they are looking gorgeous wearing them today I enjoyed every single stitch crocheted… They are very very easy to make… Using a soft acrylic yarn called baby nako and a 3.5mm hook … I made a super simple edging with […]

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