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19 03, 2013

4 and 6

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Gooooood morning!

How’s everything? You are surely wondering what are these two numbers about…


4 is the number of wips ( work in progress) I’m crocheting right now… Yes 4… Is it too much? Can a girl have 4 wips? I can’t resist beginning new projects that is why I have so many wips…

Do you want to have a peek? Ok…

Wip number 1:


A new granny shawl… but this time I’ll keep it for myself cause I really really need a big shawl for spring and fall…

I’m loving these colors… The yarn is Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn with a 5mm crochet hook …


And the pattern, like for the first granny shawl, is here 😉

Wip number 2:


The baby blanket I’m making for my cousin. All the circles are done and I am slowly making the white border now :) Very happy with these squares :)

Wip number 3:


The cowl with the moss stitch… Even though I’m not sure I can still wear it this year as it’s already almost spring here… I love crocheting it… stitch after stitch… I just love this stitch…did I said that before?


and finally Wip number 4:


Another triangle shawl but this time with just one colour following a free pattern on Ravelry called South Bay Shawlette


I fall in love with that shawl and could not resist beginning one … and I can tell you something …it is totally ADDICTIVE … and once you get used to the pattern it is very very easy to follow :)

These were my 4 wips…now for number 6… did you guess what it’s about?


It is my little Joseph who turned 6 months old this week :)


I’m crazy in love with this little guy … He’s my sunshine :)




Leaving you with this cute pic of my angel’s little feets …

and wishing you a beautiful day!

Love to all!


P.S: I am adding the “how to hide the yarn ends” post after the free patterns on the right side bar of the blog.

And on top of the right side bar you can follow me now with just one click on facebook, pinterest and instagram … will love to see you there 😉


4 03, 2013

Monday again!

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Good morning ladies!

How are you? Time really flies …here we are already in march…and it is monday again :) I love the smell of spring of march :)

I’ve began two new wips I want to share with you today :)

A baby blanket for a cousin of mine who’s expecting a little princess in July :)




Here is a close up of the squares I’m making…


I love this blanket… I added to its original square a round of dc …to add more white…


I am loving how it is turning out and I’ve already done all the circles (the first two rounds of them 😉 )

The second wip is a cowl for myself…a very big cowl that I can fold two times around my neck….



I am working it using the moss stitch (1sc, 1ch, 1sc, 1ch) etc

I simply loooove that stitch :)


I am crocheting it with the “MIRAGE” a 100% acrylic yarn but instead of the 3mm hook suggested on the yarn I am using a 5mm hook to have a light effect…


Finally lovely ladies a pic of my bundle of joy who’s enjoying his new toy…



and who became now a big baby sleeping in the bigger bed which was for his sisters :)



Yes, time really flies :)

Have a wonderful week

and see you very soon!


P.S: I’ve posted today the two parcels for the winners of the giveaway…They will be flying from Lebanon to the U.S Texas to Carolyn’s home and to Germany to Jutta’s home …Crossing my fingers that they will arrive safely :)

19 11, 2012


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