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The crochet mood blanket 2014

Yes it is finally done in February 2015 I started this blanket in January 2014 making one square a day and choosing the color of this square depending on my mood … the good and happy days were bright and happy colors… the bad days: greys and dark colors… the “in love” days : reds […]

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The first completed project for 2015

Good morning lovelies I am sure you already guessed. The bedspread is done! Houraaayyyy! Tadaaaaa I am dancing with joy around it feeling proud My labor of love is finally done and I looooooove it from the bottom of my heart 324 (18 x 18) granny squares crocheted with love… 3 colorful rounds and a […]

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Hello! This post today is made of my week’s pics on Instagram and I noticed that they are all about crochet. What else to share with you sweeties? My bedspread, my labor of love which is coming to an end. 324 squares made with love… I am crocheting today the last round of the edging […]

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A baby girl blanket

Good morning sweet people I missed you and I missed this little blog of mine. Today I want to share with you the chart of the baby blanket I am actually crocheting. I shared the chart on Instagram and Facebook and totally forgot to post it here So sorry my faithful blog followers … This […]

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The 4 wips I’m taking with me to 2015

Good morning my sweet friend, How are you today? I think that this will be my last post in 2014 so I thought about sharing with you my actual projects, the ones that I’ll take with me to 2015 1* My Debbie bliss cachmerino aran hexagons blanket I soooo love this project that I really […]

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