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4 08, 2016

The summer bedspread ❤

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I’ve been away too long from this blog and I am sorry… Life is sometimes busy and Facebook and Instagram easier and faster than making a proper post here 😄

Anyway here I am again… trying to write to you from my phone… and crossing my fingers that it will work 😊

I’ve began in April a summer bedspread for our bed and did not post here any pic of the making process… Today I will show it to you…done 😊

Are you ready???

This bedspread is crocheted with a 3.5mm hook using two kind of yarn. The king cole cotton soft and the scheepjes merino soft. The cream is Ecru from king cole cotton soft.

Hope you liked it 😊

I am in love and very proud and happy of my big project ❤ 

I’ll see you soon to show you a baby blanket I’ve also done lately and another wip 😉

Take care my friends


24 03, 2016

February 2016

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I am such a bad blogger. I totally forgot to post my February 2016 month in pics and we are already in the end of March 😊

Here it is ❤️



9 09, 2015

August is gone…

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August went really really fast this year and I still can not believe that we are already in September…


August was great. We went for a one week vacation to Club Med Palmiye Turkey and it was wonderful…


We spent a whole week with the children and I fully recharged my batteries 😉


I crocheted a lot in August… Finished my hexagons blanket (see previous post) and I started two bedspreads for the girls :)


I always wanted to make grannies bedspreads for my children. They have something I can’t explain. They remind me of my grandmother, the sweetness of my childhood and I really really love to crochet them…


They have a vintage touch I just adore :) I am mixing different kinds of Stylecraft yarn. Mostly Stylecraft special DK, some Stylecraft alpaca tweed and some colors of the Stylecraft life range :)


I love the look of a granny square with mixed kinds of yarn ♥

For Christina my eldest daughter I’ll be joining the squares with parchment … and for Sarah, the joining color will be the dark grey (graphite) :) My girls have very different characters and one is dark hair dark skin (Christina) the other is very blond (Sarah)


So contrasting grannies bedspreads they will have in their room :) Can’t wait to finish them both :)


and  I am also still crocheting my ripple with the Stylecraft life Dk and loving it more and more ♥


August has brought some changes in my home too. We painted our walls and I chose the yellow mustard (my favorite color of the moment) to paint the wall behind our bed ♥


and a wall in our sitting room ♥


I just looooove LOVE LOVE this color. So bright, so fresh and sooo warm ♥

(The painting color’s name is honey mustard from DULUX)

That is all for today my dearest friends!

Have to go now…

Sending you hugs and kisses through this post ♥





11 08, 2015

Hexagons love

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I decided to finish this old wip in August.


I soooo love it and love how the rich and bright colors melt together.


Have a cosy time



19 06, 2015

Busy crocheting days

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Hello sweet friend!


I’ve been busy, busy crocheting with tons of ideas in my head. I want to crochet crochet crochet. I want to crochet baby blankets, lots of them, different kinds, a lot of colors, bright, happy colors. I don’t know what is happening with me…


My hook is burning and I decided to reopen my etsy shop and try to sell baby blankets. Wooohooo I am very very excited about this idea. And I don’t care if it will work or no… I want to try… just crochet and try… will see what will it leads me to… maybe I will close again my shop… maybe not…


I wanted first to finish my actual wips. This hexagons blanket. And the granny bedspread of my daughter Sarah. But I COULDN’T. The hexagons is mostly done…


still have some to join… and it needs an edging of course…


And for the bedspread…


I will leave it for the autumn… Now I have to make baby blankets…


So I started two… one with a cream edge…


and the second a big colorful granny…



and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth (I will not tell about all the crazy ideas in my crazy head) I have to finish the first two, post them in Etsy and then begin the others :)


My Etsy shop is still mostly empty (I posted some of my patterns for sale there). I will tell you when the baby blankets will be there too :)

I am crossing my fingers now and saying a small prayer :)

Will keep you updated my friend!

Love ♥