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1 08, 2015

Granny squares lover

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July is gone…


It was a lovely month full of colors and joys…
And now that my v stitch baby blanket is done too (will show it to you next time) and I am really pleased with how it turned out, I have an urge need to crochet grannies :-)


I have some leftover grannies in DK yarn from previous projects, I decided to add some rows to them and make some more …


My stash of colors in DK yarn is big (mostly Stylecraft special DK) and I looooove the colors.


I am mixing some Stylecraft Alpaca tweed to the special ones and I looooove the effect too :-)


I am really a granny squares lover :-)


Wishing you a relaxed weekend!

3 07, 2015

Feels like Christmas in July ♥

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Hello hello sweeties,

A very lucky girl is writing to you right now :) You want to know why? Well two days ago I received the most gorgeous pack from the postman. A pack coming straight to me from the U.K. A pack of the most gorgeous yarn arrived to my little country…


A gift of 18 balls of the most wonderful yarn and a keyring and a bag too :) Yes, a gift :) And no need to tell you how much this made me happy. I was happy singing and dancing all day long :)

I sent by whatsup the pic above telling hubby and my friends how lucky I was :)

This wonderful gift was sent to me by Stylecraft in order to try their yarn. They sent 15 beautiful shades of Life DK (feels like I have chosen the colors myself) and 3 of the latest colors of the Special DK. Oh how I love all these colors :) I love love love them ♥


I can’t wait to start something with them all :) I told you I am a lucky girl :) THANK YOU STYLECRAFT! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY 

Meanwhile, before receiving this lovely gift, I started a Vstitch baby blanket that will go in my Etsy shop.

I chose beautiful shades of pastels. Not at all my “palette” of colors but I feel like having pastels in my life right now ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Aren’t they lovely? So soft and calming colors…


 I think that the V stitch is my favorite. It soothes me and calms me and it is perfect for the TV time 😉


I love how this is turning out. And I love how quickly it grows. Never get borred with a V stitch :)

Before leaving you, this is my June month :)


A lovely colorful month :)


Now, I must, MUST, MUST start something with these beauties. Any idea?

Wishing you a lovely weekend!



19 06, 2015

Busy crocheting days

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Hello sweet friend!


I’ve been busy, busy crocheting with tons of ideas in my head. I want to crochet crochet crochet. I want to crochet baby blankets, lots of them, different kinds, a lot of colors, bright, happy colors. I don’t know what is happening with me…


My hook is burning and I decided to reopen my etsy shop and try to sell baby blankets. Wooohooo I am very very excited about this idea. And I don’t care if it will work or no… I want to try… just crochet and try… will see what will it leads me to… maybe I will close again my shop… maybe not…


I wanted first to finish my actual wips. This hexagons blanket. And the granny bedspread of my daughter Sarah. But I COULDN’T. The hexagons is mostly done…


still have some to join… and it needs an edging of course…


And for the bedspread…


I will leave it for the autumn… Now I have to make baby blankets…


So I started two… one with a cream edge…


and the second a big colorful granny…



and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth (I will not tell about all the crazy ideas in my crazy head) I have to finish the first two, post them in Etsy and then begin the others :)


My Etsy shop is still mostly empty (I posted some of my patterns for sale there). I will tell you when the baby blankets will be there too :)

I am crossing my fingers now and saying a small prayer :)

Will keep you updated my friend!

Love ♥



5 06, 2015

Hexagons love

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Hello lovelies,

It’s been a while, how are you? Hope everything is good :)

May is over and is it just me or do you feel like the days are passing by too quickly? Well, May was a good month. I love May and it was a productive one 😉


I am now working again on my hexagons blanket…


I love how colorful this wip is…


and I love how I am taking my time stitch after stitch to crochet this one…


and I love the debbie bliss cashmerino aran yarn that I am using, a beautiful, wonderful, perfect kind of yarn…


and I love how this is turning out ♥


and how the colors are melting together…


and I love how, hexagons after hexagons it is slowly growing to become a big snuggly soft and warm blanket of love ♥

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



P.S: You can find the pattern-chart of the hexagons in the header of this blog with the free patterns. It is called: Love at first sight ♥


17 05, 2015


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I am enjoying these days this granny squares project a lot. This will become a bedspread for my daughter Sarah and it will be followed by another one for Christina my oldest too. I’ve been wanting to make for them grannies winter bedpreads for ages :)


I am enjoying each stitch, each square, choosing the colors and taking my time because no dead line here and not so many other wips going on too (just the hexies blanket with the debbie bliss yarn but that is another story I’ll keep for another post :) )


While I crochet, I often can’t do the “mindfullness” crochet as it is supposed to be. Ok I enjoy crocheting, it calms me, soothes me but my mind is always thinking, calculating, planning, dreaming of other things and I can never shut it down completely :)


I was thinking yesterday about the art of crochet. It is an art, isn’t it? and how people pass it from one to another and that it will be great if I can teach somebody this passion of mine before I leave this planet. It will be really good to know that I somehow made someone else happy by teaching him (her) this wonderful craft that can calms you, soothes you, distract you and gives you time to think, plan and fix ideas in your head while your hands are busy creating.


I never taught anybody to crochet and I really would love to do it. In my country crochet is an old fashioned craft and it makes me sad to see how people make fun jokes about it… but I will not loose hope :)


Here I am again, sharing my thoughts with you and that makes me very very happy.


Thank you for being here my friend,


Thank you for taking time to read,


Sending you all my love,