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Back on the wheels: Sucrette’s square: two finished projects!!

Goooood morniiiing ! Yes, I’m back on the wheels… After a couple of gray days, light came back again in my life and mostly because of you and your supporting sweet words… Thank you so much my friend for your presence and for being so caring and loving…You’ll never know how much I needed every […]

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A third project on the go :)

Good morniiiiiiiing sweet people! When I first saw Lucy’s blooming flower cushion I thought to myself I have to make one of my own, I HAVE TO! This flower cushion is incredibly beautiful, wonderful, amazing …. I fell crazy in love and was a little bit afraid of the tutorial thinking that it was maybe […]

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3D Flower blanket !

Good morning to you my friend, Today is a big day! I finished my 3D Flower Blanket and I am very proud of the result! Christina my daughter loved it! She said that it is like a garden in her room and these sweet-5 years old-words make my heart very very happy Of course I’m […]

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My creative space (2):)

Hellooo, Good to see you today, I am actually finishing my 3D Flower blanket soo before the revealing BIG BIG post (which will be very very soon), I am gonna show you just a little small picture of it to have a small idea … before making the final touches I am very excited with […]

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3D Flower blanket

Good morning, I am actually working on a new plain blanket with only seven colors and this is giving me great pleasure to crochet. I like to have a plain blanket for home and I decided to have one with a 3D Flower square. I’ll show you today the wip blanket. I actually made 38 […]

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