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Christmas socks

Hello hello hello!

How are you today?

WWOOOOOOOOW! I am soooo thrilled by all your wonderful comments concerning the little socks:) Thank you so much! I could not make you wait longer so I managed to finish quickly the “how to” so I can share it with you today 🙂

It is very easy you’ll see but I hope that I’ll find a way to explain it to you by using simple words…

For these I used Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn with a 4.5mm crochet hook…You can crochet with the yarn that you want but careful to pick up the right size crochet hook 😉

The socks are made using a single stitch (apart the beginning chain stitch (maille en l’air in french)) and it is: d.c (U.K terms) or s.c (U.S terms) or maille serree (in French)!

I’m gonna make with you step by step this one:

Here is a graphic pic to show you from where to begin and where to end with colorful parts:

I’m gonna explain it to you with pics 🙂 Don’t worry it is very easy 🙂

So? Are you ready? Did you prepare some yarn and a crochet hook? Let’s maaaaaake it ! yahooooooooo! 😀

I suggest that you make a sock with a single color to try out the pattern first and then you can make your own multi colorful one 🙂

For this one I used 6 different colors as show in the graphic above…


Let’s begin with Part1 in the graphic pic (purple and yellow)

First (with the purple color) you begin with a circle of 4ch chain (4 mailles en l’air pour commencer)

R1: 10 dc (or sc) in the circle (10 mailles serrees dans le cercle)

R2: You crochet 2 dc in every dc of the previous round that make a total of 20 dc ( crocheter 2 m.s dans chaque maille du tour precedent ca fait: 20 m.s au total)

R3 to R11: 20 dc (20 mailles serrees) (R1 to R6: in purple R7 to R11: in yellow)

That make a total of 10 rounds of 20 dc. (purple and yellow colors part)


So? Is that ok for you so far? You just did the Part 1 🙂 bravo!

Let’s continue… shall we?


R12: 10 dc (10 m.s) (With the dark blue color you crochet on half of the stitches of R11, that makes a total of 10 dc)

and you continue making rows of 10 dc until R17…

(avec la couleur bleu nuit crocheter sur seulement 10 m.s du tour precedent ca fait un total de 10 m.s)

You have now something like these pics above and down…

So R12 to R17: 10 dc (10m.s)

You just did PART2!

You have now something similar to the pic above.

After crocheting R17 you have to close and sew the right part of your sock (see the graphic pic at the beginning of this post : sew here after crocheting part2)

Apres avoir crochete PART2 fermer le cote droit de la chaussette par quelques points de suture (regarder le graphique du debut de ce post pour savoir ou)



With the turquoise color: R18: 22 d.c (22m.s) 

For R18 you have to join together the dark blue part and the yellow part with a round of 22 dc (22m.s) as shown on this picture: (6 dc on the dark blue part + 10 dc on the yellow part + 6 dc on the dark blue part = 22 d.c )

R18: (6 m.s sur la partie bleu nuit + 10 m.s sur la partie jaune + 6 m.s sur la partie bleu nuit = 22 m.s au total )

and you continue from R18 to R 33: 22 d.c ( De R18 a R33: 22 m.s)

R18 to R22: 22 dc with the turquoise color (22 m.s)

R23 to R27: 22 d.c with the red color

and finally R28 to R33: 22 d.c with the pink color

You close your little sock by making a chain of 17 ch so you can hang it 🙂 (fermer avec une chainette de 17 mailles en l’air pour accrocher la chaussette)

You did it ! Your little sock is ready 🙂

You can embellish it by adding some buttons, ribbons or beads…

Ufff! It is done 🙂 I don’t know if I was clear enough for you to understand…do excuse me if no (this is the first time I make this kind of step by step pattern)

If you have any question, do not hesitate… I’ll be more than happy to help 🙂

Do not forget to tell me if you ever crochet these little Christmas socks I would really really love to see your own version…

Kisses to all!

and Happy crocheting 🙂


P.S: A small note for my french friends 🙂

J’ai essaye d’expliquer un peu en francais ce tuto pour les “french” ladies … Ma langue maternelle est le francais et j’ai beaucoup plus de mal a m’exprimer en anglais qu’en francais etant a moitie libanaise a moitie francaise donc n’hesitez pas a m’ecrire en francais ca me fait beaucoup plaisir 🙂 gros bisous!








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Less than six weeks before Christmas :)))

Good morning to you sweet people around the globe …

Hope that you’ve had a beautiful week end with your loved ones 🙂

This week end I worked on something “Christmassy” (is that a word?) that I want to share with you….

I did not decorate the house yet…I’m waiting for the 22 of November as it is Independence day here and Hubby and the girls will be at home so it will be like a BIG-PARTY-DECORATING-DAY  🙂 but I’m already preparing some crochet goodies 🙂

Before showing you what I’ve been up to I want to thank you again and again for visiting “Le monde de Sucrette”. It is always a huge pleasure reading your comments 🙂 Some of you asked about the yarn I’m using to make the neck warmer… Well it is, once more: Nako Vizon  a 100% acrylic Turkish brand yarn and I don’t think they have an online store 🙁 I buy it myself form a local yarn shop here…

And now… what I did this week end….tadaaaaaaaaaa….

Small Christmas socks to decorate my mantel (this year is the first Christmas we are spending with a mantel in the house and I so want to decorate it as I’m dreaming about it for years 🙂 )

Aren’t they cute my little Christmas socks?

I kind of invented the pattern and it took me several trials and unraveling several times to finally get the result I wanted to have and now I’m really proud of my little Christmas socks 🙂

The pattern is very easy and after the first one is done I made the 3 others in a couple of hours 🙂

But on the other side, writing down the pattern is very difficult for me as I do not make usually written patterns and a graphic one is impossible in that case because it is a 3D object but I did make an effort because you really worth it 🙂

So if you’re interested in making little Cristmas socks yourself… I’m ready 🙂 to write a pattern for you 🙂 A written pattern with step by step explaining  pics 🙂 yaaahoooo!!!

These little socks are beautiful on a mantel or hanged on the Christmas tree or anywhere around the house. They can be filled with candies or small toys and will make cute small handmade gifts…

They can be embellished with ribbons, buttons, beads etc to make them cuter and cuter 🙂

The yarn I used here is (once more) : Nako Vizon (my favorite) worked with a 4.5mm crochet hook…

So, my sweeties, if you liked these cuties, prepare your hook and some colorful yarn and wait for me…

I’ll come back very soon with the “how-to-make-these-little-socks” 🙂

Have a colorful monday!




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Tis the season to be jolly lalalalalalalalala :)

Hello sweeties,

Less than 8 weeks before Christmas I thought about showing you again these cuties I’ve made two years ago…


These colorful little Christmas socks can be stuffed with sweets, hanged on the Christmas tree or gifted to someone special, why not?


If you fancy making some (and they are very easy to crochet) just grab your hook and some colorful yarn and click HERE 😉

Happy Christmas hooking!



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Something truly beautiful to share with you…

Hello sweet people,

Yesterday I received an amazing e-mail from a wonderful lady : Kerry Waldron (Aka Fiona 😉 ) … and I was like: “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW” mouth wide open for a few minutes in front of her pics… I even showed them to my husband 🙂

Wanna see? Wanna take a look to what Fiona did? yalla….

She crocheted one mini stockings advent calendar for her sister…

and another one for her mother…

and she is even crocheting a third one for herself 🙂 She is gonna fill the little socks with chocolate …


You did such a wonderful job Fiona! You must be so proud 🙂 You are such a talented and patient woman 🙂

Isn’t she ?

I’m so happy about all your wonderful “versions” of the little Christmas socks ! It is such a pleasure to look at all these pics on the net and to know that a little everywhere around the world there is little Christmas socks in beautiful and warm homes 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!



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Two more…

…Little Christmas socks crocheted yesterday upon the request of a special friend…

She wants to stuff them with chocolate before offering them…miammm 🙂

I saw already many beautiful “versions” of these little socks everywhere and I am very happy that you liked them 🙂

I’m off now to make the final touches of  “ripples of happiness” … can’t wait to show it to you… 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!


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It’s that time of the year

Hello there!

How are you? November was a good month …


… full of crochet and “homey” stuff and December is here already 🙂 …


… the tree is up …


… with all its colorful and handmade decorations…


… the Nativity set is back on the shelves too…


… Every corner around the house smells like Christmas …


… The little Christmas stockings made 3 years ago are back on the mantel too 🙂 … (For pattern click HERE)



… It really feels like Christmas …


… Specially in the evenings when it is really cosy and warm and good to be home …


… The nice and warm blankets are back on the beds too…


… and my new buddy is feeling good with its new crocheted jacket 😉 …

Soooo, hello December 🙂 We are really really happy to have you back 🙂

Stay warm and cosy and enjoy December my friends 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


A happy update!

Hello !

How are you today? How was your weekend?

I want to begin this post by thanking you for all your sweet messages concerning the Christmas socks 🙂 woooow you are so sweet and I am really really happy that you liked the little socks and that some of you are crocheting some or did even crochet already some 🙂 This makes my soul sing with joy ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

And I want to say welcome to all the new followers 🙂 Welcome to Le monde de Sucrette… My blog is yours 🙂 (Here in Lebanon when we want to say welcome to somebody we say in Arabic: My home is yours)

Today, even though it is very dark I managed to take some pics to show you some progress I’ve made to my ripple and show you my latest painting too…

With what shall I begin?

Let’s begin with my painting : It is called : Flowers in a pitcher

Yes, yes more flowers (I think it is the only subject I can paint 🙂 )

It is smaller than Flower power and the flowers are a little different … but the spirit is the same (haha)

Here you can see both paintings…yes I painted in light blue the background of flower power and it transformed it totally I can say 🙂 I’ve made flowers in a pitcher’s background in light pink… My husband suggested a black background but I did not dare …

My paintings are not something really wow but I love them…too much 😀 and the therapeutic and calming effect painting gives me is unbelievable … you should try it 😉

Hope I am not bothering you with these…I’ve already began a third one (a much smaller one ) and I can’t wait to show it to you 😉

and now back to crochet 🙂

Here too, mixing colors is sooo therapeutic 🙂 Don’t you want to jump into that pic?

Don’t you feel the softness of Ripple of happiness just by looking at this pic?

Mmmm this blanket is giving me such pleasure to crochet that I don’t want to finish it at all (It is the first time I am not in a hurry to finish a crochet project )

It is so warm and cosy that it is a huge pleasure to snuggle under while crocheting stitch after stitch in the cold November evenings…

I’ll leave you with this last pic (my favorite pics are close up ones) and wish you a beautiful day filled with sunshine in your heart (the weather is not helping that much in my part of the world… don’t know in yours 🙂 )



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