Wednesday * March 4th 2015

Crochet is my therapy

Good morning beautiful people!

I hope that you are ok, happy and healthy wherever you are.

Today’s post is an update of my current crochet wips. What else to share with you my likeminded friends? ;)


Most of the time, specially in the evenings, I crochet so I don’t think much, I crochet so I don’t look at the news, I crochet so I don’t become crazy… That’s why every week I have a lot of crochet to share… It is my medicine, my anti stress, my kind of escape for a better world where everyone live in PEACE with everyone. The world has become an horrible place so much violence, blood and injustice that you have to find your way to not become insane :)

So, my dear friend, here is what I am up to these days… Working on 3 different wips



* A granny squares bedspread for our bed…just grannies surrounded with black… I am making now the squares will join them later… I am not even half way done but I love doing grannies, they are my favorite that’s why no hurry …I am taking my time enjoying every stitch :)




* My Crochet Mood Blanket 2014. Up to date :) Proud of it :) I love it soooo much :) I am crocheting one square a day and above in the close up pic you can see the hole month of July :)




*And finally my latest addiction: The Vstitch blanket :) if you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you already know about how much I am addicted to this project  :D You have to try it! It is … well… ADDICTIVE ;)

Well… my sweeties… These were the 3 wips I am working on at the moment. Crochet is my therapy to face this cruel world and the war that is threatening my beautiful country… I need your prayers my friends… I don’t know if I’ll have internet or no in the coming days due to the situation here :( It is really awful :( Please pray for my country and for its army… Pray for the innocent people… Pray for a better tomorrow…

Thank you so much dear readers… It really means a lot having you here :)

Peace and Love


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41 Responses to “Crochet is my therapy”

  1. tyaa says:

    Lire un post plein de joie de vivre, de couleurs et d’ouvrages au crochet! Une journée agréable commence! Bises

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful crochet projects. One of WIPs is a granny stripe blanket but once it’s finished, I will maybe try the v stitch blanket like yours. Wishing you peace and love. X

  3. Gillian says:

    Crochet (or knitting) is also my medicine for de-stressing.

  4. modestine says:

    Peace and love are my dearest dreams, just like you…. A world without arms and without money, why is it impossible now? I am very unhappy and ashamed to think that in my country there are factories for arms and war boats and planes… Anne

  5. liz warner says:

    Your work is such an inspiration, I am glad it brings you peace. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Shirley Davis says:

    Good morning to you from America (Delaware). Needlework keeps me sane as I too am going through a difficult time losing my daughter. It gives some restful moments for the mind. I shall say a prayer for you as you are living in some stressful situations. God bless.

  7. Jason says:

    The Black-edged granny squares are looking really good.

  8. Christine says:

    thank you for showing us your works….

    And I will say prayers…for all. This is horrible….and I cannot imagine what it is like. :/

    Where are you Sucrete?

  9. Christine says:

    OH! and your English is AMAZING!! I speak a few languages…you speak/write very well.

  10. Sara says:

    Please know that I will be thinking of you and your beautiful family in the middle of all this. Also all the others caught up in terror which is none of their making. Please keep strong and safe and keep crocheting. You are adding to the beauty in the world, especially hard to do in times like these. I wish you much peace and soon I hope. With my love and best thoughts xxx

  11. Claire Kennedy says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects. I too, love to crochet. I make blankets to send to orphanages around the world through a charitable organization in my area. I also crochet hats to sell so that I can help them with shipping costs, as it is a small grassroots organization. We pack the blankets in a back pack with a Teddy Bear, school supplies and a tennis balls. I hate all this war affecting so many countries in the world. I will pray for you and your safety.

  12. Christine says:

    Toutes ces belles réalisations, superbes! En effet, il faut se trouver un hobby pou éviter de penser à toutes ces guerres, à la misère du monde. Moi aussi je prie pour la paix dans le monde, que plus aucun enfant ne souffre. Vive le crochet. Après mon plaid en grany squares, je pense en faire un autre comme toi.Je prierai pour toi et ta famille.
    Avec toute mon affection.

  13. Carolyn says:

    First, Angie, I am (and have been) praying for peace to come soon to your beautiful country. What a dark cloud your country is under, and how fearful for the safety of your family you must be! It’s not a terrible world, sweetie… just some terrible people and injustices that inhabit our world.

    I absolutely LOVE everything you crochet. You are so super talented :) I couldn’t possibly pick a ‘favorite’ out of all your crocheted items for I love each one, and each one is special in its own way.

    Try to be happy, Angie. I know you have created a beautiful, peaceful place within the confines of your home for your beautiful children.

    Carolyn Geoffrey
    Texas, USA

  14. Annette says:

    I also live in a Middle Eastern country experiencing a very difficult time. Crafts and Sudoku keep me sane at the moment :-).

    Praying for peace everywhere!

  15. beth j says:

    I have a difficult time following the news too. I worry and pray for you an your family.

  16. Tracy Marie says:

    Still lifting you, your family, and your country in prayers! Stay safe, my friend! AmsterdamCowlKAL

  17. Maureen says:

    Fervent prayers for you, dear.

  18. Madeleine says:

    I’m deeply moved with your post! What can I say? You are in our prayers, and I’ve asked my sister to pray for you too. Seems so flippant to say that almighty God is in Charge, yes I sincerely belive that one day He will make an end to this!

  19. jane says:

    Hi, thank goodness you’ve found crochet. The things going on in this world are awful. I do pray for peace and wish you all the best love and joy. How fantastic it must be to create something beautiful and get so much enjoyment and satisfaction out of doing so.
    I have tried so many times to follow the v pattern chart, I’d love to make a blanket, but am new to crochet and can’t understand the chart! I wonder if you would mind writing the pattern out, I may be able to get a blanket made by winter time, here’s hoping! Thank you x

    • Sucrette says:

      Thank you so much Jane for ur comment. I am not able to write a pattern as my english is poor but you can find many tuto on the net and there are videos too on youtube. Just google: crochet v stitch pattern
      Hope that helps ;)

  20. Elisabeth says:

    Dear Sucrette

    Your work is so inspiring! Many thanks for sharing it with us. The dread which hangs over your country is something we in the west can hardly imagine but the one thing we can and will do is pray for Gods protection and his peace each day for you and your family and friends!

  21. Deniece says:

    Oh Angie, we are praying for the safety of you and yours and your country. You are such an inspiration to me. I too am making a mood blanket and will send a pic when it gets a bit larger. Just started on my Mom’s birthday 6/26 in memory of her. She has been gone since 9/30/2002 and I still miss her so much.

    Stay as happy as you are able to and keep the faith. This too shall pass.
    Hugs, love, prayers and blessings to all

  22. Connie says:

    If only crocheting could solve the World problems, but like you it’s also my medicine. Granny squares are also my favourite, I have just started a granny striped blanket. I love that V stitch, but getting a bit stressed of all the things I would love to make:)

  23. Carrie says:

    Prayers and thoughts for you, your family and all innocent people caught up in awful events throughout the world. Your crochet is beautiful. keep creating beauty, Angie xxx

  24. Lily Hookway says:

    Hi – I am so sorry about the situation in your country. I will pray for peace and for you all to be kept safely. xxx

  25. Jennie says:

    I have not posted on your blog before, but I check in almost every day to make sure you are okay. I love to see your crochet projects and I understand completely how they help to keep one sane. I will keep you and your sweet family in my prayers.

  26. Tracy Nowlan says:

    Hi, I admire your work it is always so colourful and soooooo beautifully worked. I hope that you and your family stay safe x

  27. Ana Silva says:

    Nem tudo é mau, tenho a filha de uma colega de trabalho que está aí há duas semanas voluntáriamente a fazer um estágio de cirurgia de mês e meio, Como deve calcular a mãe traz o coração nas mãos.
    Beijinhos e pensamentos positivos…
    Ana Silva

    • John says:

      Good luck! :)One of the things I rlelay like about crochet is how easy it is to unravel a bit and re-do it if it goes wrong. I’ve always found that almost impossible to do in knitting, I always pick the stitches up incorrectly afterwards / drop them completely.

  28. Yvonne says:

    Je partage votre addiction au crochet pour les memes raisons.auparavant je faisais du patchwork mais avec les annees,76ans mes pouces ne me le permettent plus ,ni le panique lorsque je n’ai pas de projet de tricot.y.s

  29. tyaa says:

    je prierai pour la paix, les couleurs apportent de la joie: continue à crocheter: c’est une bonne thérapie.

  30. Angie, I pray always for peace in the world. I don’t understand why people can’t just let other people alone and everyone live together. Doesn’t seem like it should be very hard to do. Oh well, until that time …….

    I am also making the mood blanket but I am not up to date. A month or two (ugh) behind but will catch up shortly. I had other projects that needed to be done for gifts so I got off schedule. Do you plan on putting an edging around your blanket when it is finished ?

  31. […] Sucrette shares, “Most of the time, specially in the evenings, I crochet so I don’t think much, I crochet so I don’t look at the news, I crochet so I don’t become crazy… That’s why every week I have a lot of crochet to share… It is my medicine, my anti stress, my kind of escape for a better world where everyone live in PEACE with everyone.” […]

  32. […] “Crochet is my therapy”. […]

  33. Miss Manitas says:

    So cute blanckest!!

  34. Stel says:

    Angie…thinking of you.

  35. Linda says:

    Angie, your work is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing with us! Your colorful style (as well as your heart!) just makes me smile. :). Lemondesucrette is one of my favorite blogs to stop by for a visit! Praying for peace and safety for you & your family… I am so sorry about the evil that is affecting your country. I am a mother if three young ones, like you ( two girls and a little boy!) I can only imagine the stress you must feel at times. My prayers are with you!
    ~Linda, from USA

  36. Carla says:

    Anyone you have been in my prayers constantly. It upsets me greatly that so many innocent people have been killed and maimed! I pray for you and your family’s safety and for peace in your country.

    I love the V stitch blanket it looks super! I’m with you on loving the grannies, they are easy to do so you can switch off and chill out!

    Stay safe

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