Wednesday * March 4th 2015

It’s all about crochet…

When people ask me what do I do in my spare time and I answer crochet… they look at me in a strange way… Here in my country crochet is something “old fashioned”…

Well if crochet is an old fashion activity then I am “old fashioned” and proud to be :D

Good morning lovely people around the globe… I am very happy to be with you today and to share my latest wips ;) You are the only one to understand me and my crazy addiction :)


I am back to my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 and I was so behind with my squares but today I crocheted June11′s square and that made me very happy :D


This blanket is very special and I love it… Looking at it brings back memories and I really put my heart into crocheting each square of it :)


I felt in love with this idea to make each day of 2014 a square depending on your mood and even though I did not 100% stick to it I still choose the color of my square depending on how I feel :)


I am back also to my Vintage Stripy Blanket. Crocheting these colorful stripes calm me in the evening after a rough day… they take my stress away and I love adding one row each evening to this beauty :)


Call me crazy but I started also another granny square bedspread for our room :) Yes I am crazy but granny squares with a black border was on my to-do list from long ago and I simply love them. They have a vintage sweet look that I adore :) I am crocheting this new blanket with a thicker yarn (100% acrylic Nako Vizon yarn) than my granny with white bedspread…so a 4 rounds -square is big as a 6 rounds-square on the white one… This new bedspread will be for winter ;)


I’ll crochet it with these 35 colors and the black for the last round :)

Thank you dear friend for visiting today,

it is always a pleasure having you here!

Kisses and love


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31 Responses to “It’s all about crochet…”

  1. Emm.A says:

    I love your granny beadspread. I can’t decide which one I like better – the one with the white border or the one with the left. They both look beautiful! :)
    Greetings from Austria, Emm.A

  2. Here in the UK crochet is very popular and lots of people want to learn how to crochet! I do patchwork as well, maybe not so trendy :)
    I love your blankets – is the black harder to work than the white?

  3. Lisa says:

    Your crocheting is wonderful. I love your projects. Please be always old fashioned. In my country crochet is old fashioned, too. But I love it and I’m addicted, too.


  4. Maureen says:

    Dearest Angie, It is always a joy to have a blog-visit with you.
    Crochet isn’t that common in the States, either. Knitting is king. But, you’re right! We who visit with you know the wonders of crochet!
    I have to make an afghan for my great-niece. She asked for oranges and sunset colors. I think I’ll use your Vintage Stripe stitch. I am still working on a large afghan for my brother and sister-in-law. It is their 2013 Christmas present! I think I’m getting close to the end. So, it’s six months late. No problem! Right?
    Happy Day, dear!

  5. Nanou says:

    C’est un travail très harmonieux !
    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée…

  6. Snap says:

    Crochet is considered old-fashioned here, too. That’s okay with me. I don’t mind being old-fashioned! It’s fun! Love all the wonderful color in your blankets.


  7. Angela says:

    Lovely wips!

  8. Sarah says:

    Love all your blankets but would you share the pattern for the vintage stripy blanket? I make lapghans for cancer patients and they love bright colors…..thanks

  9. Anyvette de Chile says:

    Tienes muchos proyectos ¡¡¡ me encantan los colores¡¡¡. A mi me encantaría tener más tiempo para poder tejer, tejer y tejer….

  10. Carolyn says:

    Angie, there is nothing wrong with being ‘old-fashioned’. I think the world would be a nicer place if some of the ‘old-fashioned’ ways were brought back. In my little part of the world, I’m the only one I know who crochets. I have relatives who know how, but don’t because they consider it ‘old fashoned and out of date’. But I really enjoy it. I find it very soothing to me to sit with a crochet hook and yarn or crochet thread and create something for my home that is beautiful and functional too. Have you ever crocheted with crochet thread and the smaller hooks?

    I love the way your mood blanket is looking. Can’t wait for the end of 2014 and see the completed blanket :) I am too late to start one for this year, but certainly plan on starting one in 2015.

    You are such a talented lady. I get excited every time I see your newsletter in my inbox and get to see the latest beautiful creation from you :)

    Carolyn Geoffrey
    Texas, USA

  11. anny says:

    bellos proyectos

  12. Niki says:

    Hello, what a lovely post….your new granny blanket is going to look amazing :) I think a nice black border is perfect for a winter blanket to snuggle up with. I am crocheting a granny stripe and someone asked me today if they could pay me to make them one… the UK crochet is making a huge comeback. Carry on the good work xx

  13. b.géraldine says:

    Et bien ! quel travail ! bravo pour toutes ces couleurs et merci de nous le faire partager ! ! Hâte de voir la suite … Bonne journée et bon crochet !

  14. miss says:

    I am always pleased by your colours!
    And all your creations.
    I love your blog.
    Miss xx

  15. Christine says:

    Ah, toujours de très jolis projets! Moi aussi crocheter le soir me détend de ma journée de travail; toutes ces jolies couleurs donnent de l’énergie. Bisous et bonne soirée.

    • Sucrette says:

      Contente que tu aies pu m’ecrire un commentaire :) Suis curieuse de voir ton debardeur ;) le patron existe t il en taille x large ? :)
      Bisous et bon we

  16. liz warner says:

    People say i’m old fashioned and boring for doing crochet but I love it and it makes me happy. I love your work and get so much inspiration from it, i now wish i had started a 2014 blanket (maybe next year). Keep on crocheting and keep on blogging and us old fashioned people can stick together.

  17. heidi says:

    your work is always gorgeous! I have a question-to make the granny stripe blanket, are they all double or triple crochet rows? How long did you chain for the first row? So pretty, and seems simple enough for me to try!
    Thank you

    • Sucrette says:

      Dear Heidi,
      They are doible crochet and I started with a chain of 150. I’ll post next time the chart of this blanket because it is a little bit tricky to have straight sides ;)

  18. modestine says:

    Although I don’t crochet as much as you, crocheting is my favorite hobby. I feel all alone in my little corner of France, as none of my friends want to crochet(but they like what I do…)they prefer buying things… and yes, people think I am crazy and old fashioned but this makes me sort of proud! I like to be different. Your wips are beautiful, I love to come to see you here! Anne

  19. Christine says:

    Angie, je t’enverrai le modèle très bientôt, c’est possible dans toutes les tailles, je t’expliquerai, bisous et bonne fin de semaine.

  20. jacqsierae2012 says:

    Here in America,were I’m located….crocheting was almost a lost art. But I myself have been trying to teach as many young people as I possibly can. They are the future,of our world. Teach,any art. Possibly simple loom knitting…for as young as 5.
    Painting, quilting, crocheting, knitting…whatever they have interest for. Just with pointed implements, they will need supervision.

  21. Charlette Smith says:

    People also look at me in a strange way also when I tell them I crochet and quilt. Here in the USA people don’t craft like years ago. And when I tell them I taught myself, they ask why.

  22. Dorothy says:

    I look forward to your posts. You do amazing and beautiful work. I am old fashioned, too, because I love to crochet and have been crocheting for over 50 years now. My grandmother taught me the basics when I was very young and the rest I taught myself. I spend much of my days with my hook and yarn. Thanks for sharing your love of crochet with the rest of us!

  23. tyaa says:

    regarder ton blog me déstresse… Tu as raison d’aimer le crochet, c’est une jolie activité! Bisous

  24. Pat says:

    I love being ‘old fashioned’ if that is what crocheting is all about! So happy to say that my daughter and a young friend of ours have decided to learn to crochet, so Granny Squares here we come! Besides, there has been a crochet fashion explosion over the last years and so it is right up to date!
    Pat xxx

  25. Sandra says:

    Oi, Sucrette,
    Eu sou old fashioned também. Adoro croche e tenho me inspirado no seu blog.
    Gostaria de poder fazer lindos trabalhos com lã como os seus mas aqui no Rio de Janeiro faz muito calor. Trabalho com linha mas não disponho da variedade de cores como as lãs que você usa. Morro de inveja dessas lãs tão bonitas. Parabéns pelos trabalhos e pela linda família. Sigo acompanhando seu blog .

  26. Sandra says:

    Olá, Sucrette,
    Sigo seu blog , adoro seus trabalhos e também sou old fashioned. Gostaria de ter lãs de cores tão variadas quantos as suas.Aqui no Rio de Janeiro, por causa do clima, trabalhamos com linha, mas não temos tantas cores. Assim mesmo, fiz duas mantas de lã inspirada nas suas, mesmo sabendo que serão usadas por poucas noites de inverno. Parabéns pelos trabalhos e pela linda família.

  27. Your work is so pretty and so very inspirational. I must be old fashioned too and that’s alright. My favorite hobby was crosstitch for years then I started crocheting and I am hooked. I know knitting isvery popular but I just seem to find so much more fun and joy in crocheting. Love your granny blankets. Xoxo

  28. If it makes your heart sing then it is the right thing for you to do :-)
    Tracey xxx

  29. Vicky says:

    I’m proud to be considered ‘old fashioned’ too :-)

    I love your ’2014′ blanket idea – I’m too late for this year but for 2015 its looking good!

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