Saturday * March 7th 2015

A hooky update

Good morning sweeties

How are you?

A quick update today… hooky wise :)


My crochet mood blanket 2014… 15 days already (I took these pics yesterday morning)… You can not imagine how much I am enjoying this project…

Sometimes I feel like I am so busy here at home that I don’t have much time for crochet…but I pick my hook on the evening and make my square…and this gives me a lot of pleasure …

I pick a color that reflects my mood of the day even though the color itself don’t reflect “this particular mood” … Am I talking chineese to you? Well… I am sure you understand me :)


And I am loving too much this blanket… I am loving how I am slowly crocheting it (it is my very first slow project)… I am loving the fact that I don’t crochet more than one square per day even though sometimes I make efforts to do so…


I am loving the first 15 days and their colors… I am loving how when I look at them I remember how I was feeling each day… I don’t know if at the end of the year I’ll still remember but that is ok because it will be a blanket close to my heart…

And I am loving that many of you joined me and are hooking one square per day too…You know something I think about you while crocheting…yes, you, in the other corner of this planet :)


And I am also loving my poncho in progress…  How the black makes the colors pop up :)


and I am loving my aqua malden filofax and how everything is organised and planned inside its pages… I call it “my brain” and it makes my children laugh :D

So a last picture of my brain before leaving you today…


Isn’t it gorgeous? ;)

Well… sweeties…

Enjoy the little every day pleasures…

Have a wonderful hooky time…

Stay warm (if it is cold in your part of the world)

and remember that life is beautiful :)



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11 Responses to “A hooky update”

  1. modestine says:

    your blanket, your poncho, and your” brain” are beautiful! I haven’t started my mood squares yet… very bad girl! I love coming here to see the colours of your life/work… Anne

  2. Papoula says:

    I think about you too when I’m crocheting each square a day, here, in my corner, in São Paulo, Brasil. One picture is in your facebook. Peace and joy, Angie.

  3. Your squares are looking great, I love all the colours you have used. I really like your little chart as well!! Will make it easier to see the colours together on a small scale!

    I am hosting a link party every tuesday for those who are doing a mood blanket

  4. Lily says:

    How funny – I call my filofax my brain also!! If I was to lose it I would be lost. xxx

  5. Stel says:

    I love your mood blanket! It really is going to be one of the best :-) The different orientations really does it. Looking forward to see the whole blanket!

  6. heather says:

    Still loving your mood blanket!! It is going to be awesome!!!!!! And the process makes it even better!

  7. Kate says:

    Your mood blanket and poncho are very pretty :-) I love the bright colors you’re using.

  8. tyaa says:

    it’s wonderfull blanket become! :)


  9. Jean says:

    Wonderful words as usual Angie and I will start my mood blanket as soon as the heatwave eases here in Australia ….loving your posts and your blanket…….kisses xxxx

  10. Heidi says:

    Oh my! I stopped by your blog to look for your ripple pattern which I want to use for my own ripple blanket. Then I see this fun project of the mood blanket. I have finally built up a stash of leftover yarn scarps and wanted to use them up this year so this is a perfect way to do just that.
    I cannot sign up for it officially was I do not use Facebook or Instagram.

    Thank you for once again inspiring me with your beautiful work!

    Greetings from Holland,

  11. Emmy says:

    It’s looking lovely ;D And I adore your chart as well. You are so clever and organized!

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