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A rocking chair…

Hello my friend!

I need your advice…

This is what it’s all about…

a rocking chair…


I found this vintage rocking chair in a flea market and fall in love with it, with its shape but not with its color :( a vintage grey…

Hubby loves the color as it is…

not me…


I tried to add some colors…


but I’m still not totally satisfied with the result…

I have to paint it :) and I am quite sure that hubby will love it even more if it is in another color…

So, I need your advice…

What color should I paint it? I’m thinking about a lime green or maybe a lavender blue…what do you think?

And I have to make a seat for it too … a lovely colorful seat ;)

Waiting for your wonderful advice …



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57 Responses to “A rocking chair…”

  1. Nancy says:

    I would leave it, just treat it like a blank canvas for a wonderful crochet creation!! That way, your husband is happy and you have something neutral to play off of!


    I love the rocking chair as it is now.. with that lovely vintage look!!

  3. Tracy Marie says:

    I think a pop of bright color like a turquoise or a robin’s egg blue would be beautiful! Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be just perfect for you and your family! :D

    Big Hugs,

  4. Cheryl says:

    My thought is to leave it as is. Committing to one color for the chair would limit your decorating options. Beautiful chair!

  5. Debbie Meyer says:

    Turqoise would be beautiful with all your crochet goodness!

  6. Fariba says:

    I will deefinitely go with a bold color such as burgendy and/or deep red to bring up the other colors in the room. With your extra ordinary talent you can come up with a decorative pillow in a contrast color.
    Best of luck!!!!

  7. Alison says:

    Lavender sounds nice, will the grey tones in it appease your husband? However, I would paint it yellow. But then I always want to paint things yellow, it’s my favourite colour!

  8. Jacqueline says:


    With your beautiful granny square cushions with white trim.

    Thats what I would do—but you might prefer lime green or lavender!!

  9. maree says:

    Oh no, painting this beauty would be a shame. Leave it as it is and it will be like Nancy said: a black canvas for your crochet!

  10. Ipsa says:

    Totalement à l’opposé, pouvant se marier avec toutes les couleurs de tes plaids, le gris, très à la mode en ce moment. Du soutenu, gris souri, gris ardoise, moderne et industriel au “pastel presque blanc”vintage, campagne en lazurant plus qu’en peignant et peut-être moins coinçant pour la suite qu’une couleur plus marquée mais… lâche-toi, si tu en assez de la couleur choisie tu reprendras ton pinceau, ce qui se peint, se repeint -:)

  11. Rebecca says:

    Robins’ egg blue. Or a bright tangerine orange. :)

  12. Boltonge says:

    Lime green or a nice bright red!!

  13. carnam says:

    I painted my beloved wooden desk white last year and it was a shame! Due to working at it all the time, it became dirty and shabby (without chic) and there was no chance of getting it better again.
    You are so talented and inspiring with your crochet works and there are so many yarn bombing ideas out there!
    Maybe you try out some beloved yarn colours at the backrest first?
    You could leave a bit of yarn hidden, so if you don’t like it anymore, you can just pull it off.

    ♥ carnam

  14. Debra says:

    Barn red to go with your crochet and the rug.

  15. Sara says:

    I understand why people like the neutral colour which can be dressed up but I’m still with you on painting it. I like the turquoise that has been mentioned by several people or a more neutral duck egg blue/green would be really nice and less bright for your husband to appreciate. do paint it though!

  16. Laura says:

    I love the way it is, I would make a cushion but leave the chair color alone, that way you have color and husband has his color. The chair appears to work wonderfully as is.

  17. Francien says:

    Lavender blue, very light color… I think this will fit in your livingroom, and then……… a colorfull seat:)

  18. Lucie says:

    Comme toi, je n’aime pas trop ce gris… Si tu attends un peu, un matin tu vas te réveiller en sachant exactement de quelle couleur tu as envie de le peindre. Les deux que tu proposes me plaisent bien mais il y en a peut-être une autre qui va s’imposer à tes yeux. Donc, prends ton temps avant de te décider.

  19. Stocki says:

    I’d go just off-white… and let the colour come in from the cushion and blankets… then you don’t have to match anything… but I also like your lavender idea… whatever you choose, it’s a lovely chair :)x

  20. Lita says:

    I’m with Sara, duck egg blue would be lovely or even pale silver grey not too different to what you have now. but I’m sure whatever you decide it will be wonderful and I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  21. Patricia says:

    Before I even opened your message I though a light bluw – so i would definitely go with the lavender blue.

  22. Jacekica says:

    My first thought was lime green, but than – it is lavender………It was so interesting when I read yur choice of colors (like I knew what you wrote:)), so it will be interesting to see what will you do……

  23. Madeleine says:

    Bonsoir Angie,
    Je suis heureuse d’avoir de vos nouvelles.
    A votre place je laisserais ce beau rocking chair comme elle est, et je mettrais comme décoration de jolis coussins colorés que vous pouvez échanger d’après votre humeur.
    Mais j’ai peur qu’après tous ces différents conseils vous soyez encore plus confuse….!

  24. johanne says:

    What a beautiful chair!!! I would leave as is and make a very colorful cushion.


  25. Angélique says:

    idéal pour allaiter ;-) douce journée

  26. Carolyn Geoffrey says:

    Angie, I like what Lucy at Attic24 did to an old chair. Here is the link where she discusses the chair renovation, with pictures: I think if you could do something along this line, only perhaps crochet the cushion cover rather than sew it, it would be lovely. It’s just an idea I thought had merit.

    Carolyn Geoffrey

  27. Any de Chile says:


    Magnífica silla, la verdad yo la dejaría como es…..sea lo que decidas no olvides mostrarnos el resultado…….


  28. Karyn says:

    I don’t like gray…so drab. I would paint it a dark espresso brown or even black. Your crochet items, which are so colorful, would really POP!

  29. Ana BC says:

    I would use a bright but neutrak color, such as moss green, and then you can go crazy with the cushions…

  30. Tabby P. says:

    I like the lime green idea, or candy apple red, I like the idea of tangerine orange as well. But I absolutely agree it should be bold! It’s a great chair for sure, but I bet you could make it better.
    Hugs and love!

  31. Ilse says:

    I like the grey, but if you want colour: I would go for a bright and strong colour. Like red…, which would match great with your carpet and crochet.

  32. becky says:

    I think you should leave it as is. Make a cushion for the seat and one for the back in colors that you like. That way, it’s kept as is – as your husband likes; and, you can add color – as you like. If it is an antique, vintage, chair, I would not paint it. :) Sincerely, Becky

  33. Lianne says:

    I would leave it like it is right now, but I love vintage grey.

  34. Titi says:

    Je le trouve très beau comme il est. Il va très bien avec ton fauteuil et le reste de la pièce.

  35. Aunt Dee says:

    I am with Francien, A shade of lavender that has a touch of blue and grey. With a thin back pad (as they do get a bit hard if you sit a while, especially holding the little one) and then a nice soft cushion made in many colors or a solid that can be changed or turned over.
    The rocker is stunning as to its shape. I love rockers and have several in our home.

  36. Rhiannon says:

    Cornflower blue! I would love a rocking chair in cornflower blue with some white highlights. I am so jealous of your thrifty find!

  37. Gwen says:

    I would go for a very light lavender blue colour, and brighten it up with a colourful cushion and a draped blanket. What a great flea market find.

  38. I’m not keen on that white wash affect either.
    So seeing as hubs likes the grey, why not paint it a solid grey, a light one similar but so it’s a block of colour.
    A light grey is neutral enough to show off a nice bright hooked or material cushioned seat too.

  39. Debbie Parks says:

    I like it the color it is, but maybe a little top cozy crocheted with bright colors would ‘top” it off! Cute rocker!

  40. anny says:

    me encanta tal cual esta
    besos anny

  41. lauren says:

    Many colors……each spindle different bright color… different color…..headrest yet another color. Fun!

  42. Andrea says:


    I have to agree with some of the other posts. I think a lovely crocheted seat cushion and maybe a hanging pillow on the back rest would be adding the touch of color you are looking for. On the other hand, sometimes we just have to go through with an idea we have to see what the result looks like. I am sure whatever you end up doing will look beautiful and be a great addition to what you have. Enjoy the process : )

  43. Annie says:

    Lavender blue would get my vote, or perhaps a lemon yellow? Too much brightness will distract from the crochet…

  44. Emily says:

    I think you should paint it red. It will pick up the color of your carpet and other items :)

  45. kara says:

    I think the lavender blue sounds lovely!

  46. Alessandra says:

    I’ll love it in red or turquoise, with a bright crochet cushion!!!!
    xxx Ale

  47. nathalie says:

    Hi any base color you like and then make spots, dots, whaterver in many colors. u have everything in squares it will be a nice contrast with what you make.
    P.S.: i have the same stool in the background of ur picture with the granny cover.
    Love it.
    Kisses and hugs
    we should meet for coffee one day.

  48. Jean in NH says:

    I think both you and hubby can be happy if you only paint the back and side rungs – each one a different color – lime green, tangerine, periwinkle blue……. It would be like picking out colors for a new blanket!

  49. tammy algiere says:

    I am assuming you mean a lovely bright lavender blue. I think that would be wonderful! I think the lime might be to much but a bright blue….bring it on…lol I cant wait to see what you decide and how it turns out!

  50. Sheila Donlevy says:

    Hi Angie. I read your blog every day but haven’t commented before! But I felt I had to say something this time. Your rocking chair is beautifully made but I think whoever painted it didn’t do a good job and that’s why you don’t like it. The effect they were trying for would have been lovely but it just doesn’t work? I definitely think you should paint it. Just pick a colour you and your husband both like. Hope you let us know your decision. Your crochet always inspires me thanks

  51. So says:

    I think you should let it this color, but make a nice colorful pillows for the back and the seat. That would be awesome!

  52. pooch2 says:

    A “barnish” red to complement your rug and pillows.

  53. Panda says:

    Pour ma part, je peindrais seulement les barreaux du dossier, chacun d’une couleur différente et je ferais un coussin d’assise en granny qui reprendrait les couleurs des barreaux.
    Quoi que vous fassiez, je suis sûre que ce sera réussi. :-)

  54. Susie says:

    Light blue……the chair itself is a nice piece. If you paint it too bright the focus will be on the chair and not the beautiful work that you lay on it. Use a lime pillow and one of your adorable crochet pieces.

  55. Cristina says:

    Lime green would also be my choice, it will give the chair the touch of fantasy it’s asking for.

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