Sunday * January 25th 2015

A good day…

Today, was a good day …

There was snow…

il neige

There was some fire in the mantel…


There was some crochet in front of the fire…



and there was a very good vibes all around the place…


Yes, today, was a good day!


Wishing you good days all year long :)



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17 Responses to “A good day…”

  1. Any de Chile says:


    Que alegría me da ver la sonrisa de tu bebé, está realmente hermoso….que lindo el paisaje…nevando……

    Gracias por alegrarme el día….

  2. becky says:

    Darling little boy!!!!!!!! Good days to you, Angie! Becky

  3. Angélique says:

    Le sourir de ton petit ange me donne la joie de vivre (et surtout l’envie d’en faire un 4ème LOL)

  4. Carolyn Geoffrey says:

    Ooooh! ! Wish we would get snow here, but it NEVER snows in my part of Texas (sigh)…

    Angie, thank you for sharing your ‘good day’ with all of us. And Baby Joey is a cutie!! What a happy looking little fellow :)

    Carolyn Geoffrey

  5. moisel nylev says:

    Oh qu’il est mignon……….; )

  6. Heather says:

    Oh that made me smile on many levels! Gorgeous wee smile from little one too! Great colours in the crochet. Wishing you good days too x

  7. Lianne says:

    We all love good days!

  8. anny says:

    que divino!!!! y el bebe bello

  9. janie says:

    ahhhhh….life is good!!

  10. Ellen says:

    Thank you for helping to make my day a “good day”.

  11. kazz says:

    Thank you for your inspirational and encouraging website.
    all gods blessings for you and your family

  12. Darlene Lehman says:

    Yes!! What more could one ask for? Love to you and the family!

  13. Jeanmarie says:

    That little boy’s smile is simply priceless!

  14. Flo H says:

    Oh Dear Angie, Your fireplace brought back memories to me. My parents home had a mantel fireplace with a big mirrow on the wall above it. When I got married and visit them in winter, I use to love to sit in front of it and watch the flickering flames. Used to roast marshmellows there too. Great memories for sure. Baby Joe is so, so cute! Just love to reach out and hug him. Love and prayers to you and your family. Your girls are beautifull. Flo H. from Pennsylvainia.

  15. annie35 says:

    Journée illumminée par un beau sourire !!

  16. patricia says:

    <3 this post! so cute! #happypost

  17. sue says:

    Hi Angie, so glad you had a good day to share. Seeing that lovely smile from your little man would make any ones day good! sue~nz

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