Good morniiiiing!

This is for you a small sample to show you how I’m gonna join the squares of Love Birds. I’m so in love with this blue-turquoise-teal color that I did not help myself using it as a joining color :)

 I made a granny round in turquoise for every square then I joined the squares together with a line of sc (U.S) (dc U.K ) (m.s France) with the dark turquoise.

 and I love the result :) love love love!

What do you think??  Is it good or will it be better with a white classic joining? or some other color you’ll suggest? I really would love to have your opinion…Remember: It is a very big blanket for our double sized bed and the walls are light blue in our room…

Voila voilou :) Hope you liked it!

A big big thank you today for three lovely ladies for giving me The Versatile Blogger Award :) (Yes, I received it 5 times this week and I am really spoiled :) ) Thank you Barbina, Laura and Helen! They have lovely blogs you must visit :) Barbina, Laura, Helen, Jill and Gramma Rita A HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ! I wrote some facts about myself when I first received this award back in september 2010…to read them, click here !

It is always such a pleasure receiving an award…It really brings sunshine to my mornings :)

Before leaving you today I want to show you my desk from where I sit every day to read you and write to you :)

and this is my pink laptop …

without it in my life I would be totally lost :) My precious companion :)

Have to go now… Thank you so much for visiting…

Have a wonderful thursday!