Good morning :) Good morning :) Good morning :)

I was soo happy today when I discovered that the lovely Grace Ann did a button for our project! The button is really nice :) I love it! Here it is…

What do you think? Beautiful eh?

THANK YOU soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Grace Ann :) You did a wonderful job !

Now, my friend, if you already joined or you still want to join you can add this lovely button to your blog as a link to our flickr group or to le-monde-de-Sucrette’s-giant-granny-challenge-rules-post ! It is up to you 😉

We are already…….tatatataaaaaaaaa…..tatatataaaaaaaaa…

51 participants !!!! Youpiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

The latest participants are:

45- Pauline Lynch (Dear Pauline, baby grannies are welcome too :) You can post your pics here )

46- Anastacia

47- Susana

48- Sian

49- Grace Ann (Thank you again for the button :) )

50- Catherine Lopez

and 51- Wendy !

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! It is a pleasure having you between us in this great adventure :)

and youhoooooooooooooo who still want to join??? we  are still waiting for youuuuuuu! Come ooon it will be FUN!

It is a strange feeling to think about so many others doing the same stitches while you are crocheting your granny :) Don’t you think?

Have to go now!

Have plenty of work here in the house today:(

Have a wonderful one and see you very soon 😉