Good morning my friend!

How’s everything today?

I want to begin this post by welcoming all the new participants on the GIANT granny challenge :) WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME !

We are now 44 participants :) wooooooooooow

The new participants are:

37- Pollyharrington (Polly, I tried to make a group on Raverly but I could not make it :( did not know how :( I’ll be very happy if you can make it …If you can not please tell me so I’ll ask somebody else ! Thank you!)

38- Marion

39- Claire (maybe)

40- Valeria

41- Nilde

42- Karen (You don’t have to push any button! You’re IN 😉 )

43- Dorith

44- Michelle

Please tell me if I forget somebody…

To Debi Y: The idea of a button is great!! I tried making one on photoshop but it turned out to be a disaster…I am really not good in making buttons :( I’ll be more than happy if you could (or somebody else ) make one !! Thank you!

And now, some pics on my own giant granny progress…

23 rounds :)

Round 23 took me 30 minutes to make :) It is not quicker any more…but it is soo relaxing…stitch after stitch…mmmh…enjoying it soooooooo much !

There is lots of lovely beginnings on flickr :) I am really enjoying looking at them :) Go take a look there and don’t forget to put your pics 😉 It is a real pleasure for the eyes :)

and if you did not join yet our GIANT party, you can still do it :) Still waiting for you 😉

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for being here :)

Happy crocheting to you all!


P.S: Next time I’ll show you some progress on my stripy blanket …yes I am working on this too 😉