Saturday * November 29th 2014

Hello there!

This is not a long post just a quick one to say hello how are you? hope everything is good in your part of the world :)

My life is a little bit chaotic these days. It is always like that in November and December. It seems like time is running very fast and sometimes I feel like I wake up on monday morning and close my eyes and it is already friday evening… yes time flies… and I keep reminding myself to slow down… slow down and enjoy the moment… slow down and manage to do some crochet… an hour per day… not more… slow down and breathe :)


So I am right now edging my squares with black…


It is taking me like forever but I know deep inside that the result will be amazing :)


And I am working too on Sarah’s bedspread whenever I can. I’m progressing very slowly on it but ripples are always a joy to work on so I am not in a hurry to finish it… not at all ;)


And while I crochet, the girls are now completely addicted to the perler beads (hama beads). They spent most of their free time on these :)


Their little colorful creations make me very happy and I am proud of their creativity. The two birds of the first pic and the clown on the second pic are totally created by them and when I asked my 7 years daughter why her clown’s mouth is not centered in his face she replied that he is whistling and that made me laugh :D

Well, my friend, this is all that I have to share with you today!

I am wishing you a lovely weekend with your loved ones!

Stay warm and enjoy the moment :)



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A labour of love

Helloooo hello hello!

Today’s post is all about grannies, granny squares, my biggest project of all, my grannies bedspread :)



Do you remember these pics? These were the original 150 squares I started with. Before realizing that I will need more. A lot more….

So I decided to add 120 :)


… Greens …


… Blues …


… Reds …


… Oranges and yellows …


… Whites …


… Purples …


… Pinks …


Now to make a black edging to all these :)


Before joining them :)

Maybe I’ll need to crochet some more ;)

Do you see now why I called it a labor of love :)

Have a lovely weekend!


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The rainbow ripple

Good morning sweet people,

The baby rainbow ripple blanket is done and I can proudly show it to you :)

I’ve had some hard time taking pics of this beauty because the colors are really tricky to show as they are “live” but I did my best and believe me the “real” blanket is much more beautiful than in the pics. It is softer, the colors are melting together in much lovelier way…

Well, As long as you can not see it “live” ;) Here are some pics for you ;)






Here are some techinical infos for you ;)

* Yarn: It is a very soft and snuggly yarn called Nako Baby. A mixture of acrylic and polyamid.

* Colors: The colors of the rainbow: Blue, purple, light purple, red, orange, yellow, green, aqua

* Hook: 3.5mm

* Pattern: Ripples of happiness. HERE

* Basic chain: 154 ch. Number of rows: 68 (every time 4rows of each color)

* Edging: A simple row of sc with picot on the ripple sides. I love to leave the straight sides as they are ;)





This above picture is the best one that shows the colors as they are “live” :)


Voila voilou :) I hope that you liked my rainbow :)

And I hope that it will be cherished by both the mother and the baby boy due in February :)

Sending a rainbow of colors your way. If it is raining, if it is grey, put some colors in your heart and on your hook and the day will be a beautiful one :)

Wishing you a colorful weekend!


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Goooooood morning!

Gooooood morning!

How are you today? A small peek into October


It was a really good month full of crochet :)

Now that my shawl is done I am now working on 3 different wips. Actually I have 4 wips but one of them is left behind. It is my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014. I am simply not in the mood to work on it. But I know deep inside that I’ll finish it one day…one day…but not now ;)

I love the fact that I am working on 3 different projects at the same time, picking one I feel like crocheting today and picking another different one tomorrow… that “method” suits me a lot and keeps me entusiastic about all my crochet wips :D

No due time, no dead line. Just my hook, my yarn and my mood of the moment to choose a project from 3 ;)


* An hexagon blanket. Crocheting it with the most beautiful and fantastic yarn. The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran … so soft and wonderful… I love every stitch :)


And I love how it is turning out :)


* My granny bedspread. Just grannies… I love crocheting granny squares… 3 colorful rounds surrounded with black . I will need more than 270 squares so it is a long project for a double bedspread…


A project of patience. A project of LOVE :) Hope to finish it this winter :) Not sure about it…. But NO PRESSURE… Just enjoying the crocheting part :) Enjoying every little square done :)


* And this soothing calming relaxing rainbow baby blanket. I love how it calms me when I pick it :)

I should always have a ripple between my wips :)


And I love how this one is turning out too :)

Well, my friend, these are my 3  projects of the moment. I love sharing them with you. I have today a full day of home duties and I simply hate that. So if you’re crocheting today think about me :)

Sending you all my love through this post

and Wishing you a happy weekend full of crochet ;)

Stay safe


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A shawl…

Good morning my sweet friends,

I am a really bad bad blogger these days and I am sorry… really really sorry… I will try to post once a week… I promise…

Today, is a very special post to show you my latest finished project, my shawl :)

The pics are not good :( It is grey and rainy today and some of them are taken by my 9 years old daughter…

But the shawl in real life is beautiful :) I love it and I am wearing it every day and right now ;) Hope you’ll like it too ;)












Some infos about this shawl:

* It is a really really big shawl. Sooooo soft and snuggly you’ll never want to leave it :)

* The pattern used is the SOUTH BAY SHAWLETTE by Lion Brand. It is a free pattern that you can find on ravelry (or easily if you google the name).

* The yarn used is Debbie bliss cashmerino aran a wonderful wonderful yarn to work with… a real joy to crochet but expensive :(

I used 8 balls of the amber color and 2 balls of the baby pink color to make the 6 rows of the edging. I really love the contrast between the yellow-mustard-gold and the very-light-pink :) I think that the pink gave to the shawl a feminine touch don’t you agree?

* The hook is a 4.5mm one (7)

* This shawl is really really “me” and I know that it will be cherished and loved for many many years :)

Wishing you a joyful and sunshiny weekend



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