Friday * January 30th 2015



This post today is made of my week’s pics on Instagram and I noticed that they are all about crochet. What else to share with you sweeties? :D


My bedspread, my labor of love which is coming to an end. 324 squares made with love…

I am crocheting today the last round of the edging :) Sooooo a big tadaaaaaa post is coming soon ;) Stay tuned ;)

I am totally in loooooove with it :)



The baby girl blanket which is slowly growing … I love its bright and happy colors :)


A new filofax, a new love, a new companion for 2015 and my beloved V stitch blanket :)


Playing with yarn, mixing aran yarn of different brands (I love to do that) and dreaming of future projects :) Can’t wait ;)


and my place, my home filled with the people I love the most and the things I love the most and of course filled with crochet, too much crochet :)

Because it is all about this wonderful craft called crochet… I really could not live without it in my life… Could you?

Wishing you a lovely weekend!



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A baby girl blanket

Good morning sweet people

I missed you and I missed this little blog of mine. Today I want to share with you the chart of the baby blanket I am actually crocheting. I shared the chart on Instagram and Facebook and totally forgot to post it here :) So sorry my faithful blog followers …


This baby blanket is for a little princess due in April… so I choose happy girly colors and a new version of the so-popular V stitch in stripes. Happy stripes… Soothing and calming stripes…


The pattern is very easy… based on DC TOG mainly… It grows very fast and it is wonderful and easy to crochet it while doing something else like watching TV or singing with your children …


I am really enjoying it specially on the evenings…

You have to try it… you’ll be hooked ;)


Wishing you a calm and happy end of week

and hope to be back to you very soon



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Crochet in 2014

Good morning sweet people

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I wish you a beautiful 2015 full of joy, health and love :)

2014 was a really good year and looking back at the different pics I realised that I did a lot of crochet… really a lot… and I finished 12 projects :)







sept 2


sept 1



Yes 12 :) 3 big blankets + 2 baby blankets + 3 ponchos + 1 shawl + 1 cushion + 1 amigurumi + 1 amigurumi jaquet….

Yes 2014 was a creative year full of crochet (I have two very big blankets that are almost done too… one bedspread and one crochet mood blanket that I should finish soon)

and some new projects I already started too… and some more (a lot ;) ) still in my full and busy brain :D

2015, I am soooooo reaaaaaady for youuuuuuu!

Wishing you a beautiful day, a lovely weekend and a wonderful year !



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The 4 wips I’m taking with me to 2015

Good morning my sweet friend,

How are you today? I think that this will be my last post in 2014 so I thought about sharing with you my actual projects, the ones that I’ll take with me to 2015 ;)

1* My Debbie bliss cachmerino aran hexagons blanket


I soooo love this project that I really really don’t want it to finish …


2* My granny squares bedspread… my labour of love…


… adding squares made from scraps…


… joining a row every now and then …


… and watching it ssslllooowwwllllyyyy grow :)

3* A new baby blanket for a princess due in April…


I love these colors together. Warm and happy colors. I can’t make a blanket with pastels… I really can’t…


I am still not sure about the pattern. It is a kind of V stitch but with less holes. I’m still trying it out. Once I get it right I’ll share with you the chart ;)

4* and finally my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014. I can’t seem to have the strengh to finish it. I must. It is a beauty. But I don’t know why I am neglecting it and it is thrown in this basket :( I really really should finish it ……….


I finished all my gifts early this year and I am ready to welcome Christmas with a happy heart :)

I wish you a blessed festive season, a Merry Merry Christmas filled with love, health and joy!

See you next year ;)


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Hexagons LOVE

Good morning sweeties,

December is always such a busy month. Days run very fast and it is always in December that I crochet the least. But I always find 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there to make some stitches and breathe deaply and calm down :)


This week I worked with my Hexagons blanket. It is always a pleasure to pick up my Debbie Bliss Cachmerino aran yarn and do one hexagon or two :) The yarn is soooo perfect that it is really a moment of bliss holding the hook and crocheting :D


I really love the colors of this blanket. Not strong but bold in a beautiful way :)


The girls are still in their “perler-beads-mode” and I love to watch them play and create while I crochet.


Enjoy the moment sweeties, that what I repeat to myself all day long ;)

Wishing you a happy and blessed weekend!


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